• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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NYSC urged to embed forex training in skills development

Forex trading

Forex traders have urged the Federal Government to include forex training and trading into the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Department (SAED) of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This proposal was highlighted during the recent Forex Millionaire Expo held in Lagos.

Benson Jeffrey, the Convener of the Forex Millionaire Expo, in his address, spoke about empowering Nigerian youths through forex trading. “Forex trading offers a substantial opportunity for our youth. It’s not just about earning in foreign currency; it’s about acquiring skills in financial literacy, money management and risk assessment,” Jeffrey said. He also emphasised the potential of forex trading as a tool to steer youths away from internet fraud and criminal activities.

Jeffrey, who has several years of experience in forex trading, encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to learn this skill. “Anyone with an internet-enabled phone or laptop can learn forex trading. It’s an effective way to navigate through Nigeria’s economic challenges,” he added.

Highlighting the impact of currency fluctuations, Jeffrey linked the rise in commodity prices to the depreciation of the naira and suggested that forex trading could help maintain a higher standard of living amid economic difficulties. “The government’s role in policy making and easing banking processes for forex is crucial,” Jeffrey noted.

Echoing these sentiments, Bright Kojo, CEO of Kojoforex Academy, called on Nigerian youths to utilise the exchange rate technicalities to their advantage. “The fluctuating exchange rates present a unique opportunity. It’s not just about the naira against the dollar, but also about trading in other currencies,” Kojo explained.

Also at the event, Refiloe Nkele, a forex trader from South Africa with 15 years of experience, shared his inspiring journey from the slums to a life of comfort through forex trading. “Forex trading transformed my life, and it can do the same for others. It’s a path worth considering,” Nkele affirmed.

Similarly, Sam Keys, CEO of Freedom Tradehouse, highlighted the benefits of the Forex Millionaire Expo in his address. “This event is not just about learning forex trading. It’s about understanding the secrets and technicalities to navigate this field profitably,” Keys said.