• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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NUC set to announce establishment of two new universities, bringing total to 272

FG warns foreign varsities against violating transnational education guidelines

Plans are underway for the National Universities Commission (NUC) to unveil the creation of two additional universities in Nigeria, expanding the total count of institutions in the country to 272.

Chris Maiyaki, the acting Executive Secretary of the NUC, disclosed this during a recent engagement with journalists in Abuja.

Maiyaki emphasized the necessity of continuing to approve new universities to address the persistent gap in admissions across the country. With approximately two million candidates vying for university placements annually, available admission quotas range from 500,000 to 700,000, highlighting the pressing need for expanded educational opportunities.

This initiative comes amidst ongoing debates within the tertiary education sector, particularly regarding concerns raised by the Academic Staff Union of Universities and other stakeholders regarding government-led proliferation of institutions at both federal and state levels. Despite these concerns, Maiyaki asserted the imperative of massifying university education as a deliberate policy measure.

Highlighting the crucial role of education investment in national development, Maiyaki underscored the disparity between Nigeria and other nations in terms of university accessibility.

He noted that while Nigeria faces significant challenges in meeting the demands for higher education, efforts are being made to align with global standards and improve educational outcomes.

To address the evolving landscape of higher education, the commission is exploring avenues such as transnational education partnerships and the establishment of distance learning centers

. Maiyaki emphasized the commission’s commitment to ensuring quality education delivery while expanding access to accommodate the growing demand for university education.

Responding to concerns raised about the dollarization of tuition fees in private universities, Maiyaki clarified that Nigerian institutions are prohibited from charging fees in dollars for domestic students. He reassured the public that investigations into such allegations have been conducted, affirming that universities are only permitted to charge foreign students in foreign currency.