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Nkechi Onyenso: A distinguished professional inspiring growth through competence and integrity

Nkechi Onyenso: A distinguished professional inspiring growth through competence and integrity

She is a dynamic woman who has demonstrated the ability to take up challenging tasks and make success out of them. Nkechi Onyenso, Managing Director, Pathfinders International Limited has not just made a mark with her competence, she is inspiring younger generations with her strength of character. A governance professional who holds a Master of Laws Degree from Queen Mary, University of London,she was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2004 and is a graduate of the University of Ibadan. She is a member of a number of Internationally recognized professional institutes in and out of Nigeria. She has over two decades of experience in Aviation Security and Consulting, Law, Administration, Corporate Governance and Compliance.

In response to her recognition as one of Nigeria’s Exemplary Women Inspiring and Advancing the Economy Positively, she speaks on gender-related issues and Pathfinders International Limited.

Overview Of Your Professional Profile
I am a lawyer, Chartered Secretary and Chartered Administrator with over twenty years working experience having worked in aviation, media, not for profit and think tanks.

Greatest Passion
The desire to make use of all my God-given talents and skills and to go to the grave ’empty’. Also, the desire to be a source of inspiration to my children and other young ladies starts the journey of the woman’s maze that is career, family, faith and self.

Mission And Vision of Pathfinders International Limited
Our mission is to provide unique aviation security services in an environment that fosters teamwork,
continuous improvement, growth, viability, and great satisfaction to our clients.
Our vision is to become the foremost and most outstanding aviation security service provider in Africa.

This year theme for international Women’s Day
Charity they say begins at home. We women must believe in ourselves, support ourselves, invest in ourselves before asking the world to invest in us. We must seek to continuously improve to become the best version of ourselves and to add value in every environment we find ourselves. The world has come a long way in properly positioning women to contribute on the table but there is still so much more that we can do together to do even more and we can start by seeking knowledge and setting personal goals.

Impact of Social Media On The Female Gender
If there is an increase or not, I will leave that to those collating the data. What I do know in that there is an increase of awareness and report of such cases on social media. Social media like every other medium has its positives and negatives. The negatives may include exposing the children to sexual content way before parents and care givers were ready to discuss such content with the child either male or female. So yes, social media can be negative to the child if not properly controlled and supervised.

Managing Your Home, Office And Other Social Responsibilities
I regularly write and follow my ‘To Do List’. I am very conscious of how I spend my time otherwise 24 hours in the day would not be enough.