• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Nigerians react as Senate president Akpabio, other lawmakers crack ‘let the poor breathe’ joke

Senate passes N57bn Police Trust Fund budget

On Wednesday, a video of Nigeria legislators led by Senate President Godswill Akpabio went viral on social media. The content of the video which Nigerians translated as mocking the poor using the “let the poor breathe” slang.

Let the poor breathe is a line from one of President Bola Tinubu’s June 12 speech which cut up on social media and went viral.

The Akapabio’s joke has attracted several reactions online, many of the reactions condemning the joke as being in bad taste.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and 11 Electricity Distribution Companies were requested to postpone their proposed pricing rise by the Senate as it was considering a resolution in order to “let the poor breathe”

The Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, was heard chuckling with other senators in the video that went viral on social media on Wednesday after he said, “Let the poor breathe,” before slamming the gavel down on the table.

Reacting to the video, Sir Benie on Instagram wrote “Most inappropriate and below their responsibility but I won’t blame them. The legislature has been reduced to a comedy centre. This is what happens when you are not voted but selected. They only get serious at the bidding of their selectors.”

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Other reactions from Nigerians on Instagram include:

“We got what we paid for!!!” – joniosea

“Nay, very inappropriate and shows disrespect to the people they are leading” – atechradio

“It’s the audacity to even think this is the least bit humorous. Meanwhile, Nigerians are going through it!” – narisomiari

“A sheer display of lack of empathy given the current hardship in the country” –


“Imagine the clowns at the corridors of power in Nigeria, making jest of Nigerians at this time. What a shame. We get the leaders we deserve” – prettycachy

“So inhumane… The Senate suddenly lost all the sense and the makeup of Humanity! God fights for the poor… Watch it, There is God factor in all of these…” – adeniyi_j._babatunde