• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Nigerians query ChatGPT on ‘How to win Tinubu’, others

Ten things to know about new ChatGPT-4o

ChatGPT, the viral AI-powered chatbot that can write essays, emails, poems and even computer code, has some ideas on how candidates from other parties can defeat the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress Bola Ahmed Tinubu as well as fix the economy.

This is the results of separate experiments posted by Victor Asemota, Growth Partner at AnD Ventures, Africa Partner for Alta Global Ventures, and Tayo Oviosu, founder and CEO of Paga Communications.

How to win Tinubu

ChatGPT had 10 responses to the question “How can Bola Tinubu be defeated in the 2023 Nigerian Presidential election?”

Some of the suggestions made by the OpenAI-owned advanced chatbot include building a strong opposition candidate. The strong opposition candidate will need a compelling platform and broad based support.

How to defeat Bola Tinubu by Chat GPT

The opposition should also build a strong coalition of opposition parties and groups that can challenge the APC candidate.

Opposition should also focus on the economy by highlighting Tinubu’s weakness on economic issues.

The opposition should also focus on appealing to the youth population who is a significant demographic in Nigeria.

ChatGPT also recommends running a clean campaign devoid of mudslinging as a way to contrast Tinubu’s campaign.

It also recommends highlighting corruption allegations or scandals that the candidate has been involved in and using them to undermine the credibility of the candidate.

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ChatGPT was also asked to judge whether Tinubu is good or bad by a programmer who identifies as Yemi whether Tinubu is good or bad. After describing him as one of the most experienced politicians in Nigeria, the said it can’t judge whether he is good or bad.

How to fix the economy

ChatGPT was responding to a question on what it would take for Nigeria to become a global economic powerhouse. The response was posted by Tayo Oviosu on his verified Twitter handle.

“ChatGPT has laid out a simple and clear framework for #Nigeria to become a global economic powerhouse,” Oviosu wrote on the response.

How to fix Nigeria's economy by ChatGPT

According to the AI chatbot, Nigeria requires a combination of political stability and good governance. It also needs investment in infrastructure and education, diversification of the economy away from its reliance on oil exports, encouraging foreign investment, reducing corruption, and implementation of policies that promote economic growth and development.

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ChatGPT also notes that the Central Bank of Nigeria would play different roles in economic growth. This includes maintaining a stable and low inflation rate through monetary policy, among other recommendations.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI as an artificial intelligence (AI) tool used to converse, generate readable text on demand and even produce original images and videos from what the AI has learned from interacting with vast amounts of data including digital books, online articles and writings, and other media materials.

Charles Robertson, global chief Economist, Renaissance Capital says ChatGPT seems to be recommending areas for improvements.