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Nigerians have high expectations from incoming administration – Prophet David

Nigerians have high expectations from in-coming administration – Prophet David

Wale Ojo David, the presiding Shepherd of Harvest Centre (City of Mercy Mission Nigeria), recently spoke about the post-election reactions and what Nigerians, especially Christians must do to support the president-elect, Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

The Church played a very crucial role in the 2023 general election; what do you consider the next step for the Church?

All the ministers did not pick Tinubu. As a minister of God, I know the meetings that I attended and I made it clear to them that the man God has destined to be Nigeria’s next president is Tinubu no matter the manipulation. I told them categorically that the candidate of God will emerge. The Church does not have any role to play in politics, the ministers of God have no seat in the parliament. I don’t know Tinubu one-on-one. The ministers should not have any special seat for politicians. If a politician comes as a child of God, we can pray for them. It is wrong for any minister of God to be endorsing any candidate. I did not endorse Tinubu neither do l say I prefer Tinubu. I don’t have anyone I need to endorse, God chose Tinubu by himself and he told me to tell the people and the people I gave the word of God too were the ministers of God. I urged them to pray for Nigeria. Before the advent of Coronavirus, I had called ministers of God to pray and renounce that there is going to be a global crisis and we should pray against it. In the case of Tinubu, it is what God has said that I stand by.

Are you saying the Church should not have endorsed any political aspirant?

From my teachings and training; I learnt that we can pray and advise candidates in an election but it is not for us to allow them to speak in our church as campaign ground or openly endorse them. Politicians should come to church and listen to the word of God and if he requests prayers, prayers can be made for him and if he has any project and he wants us to pray about it, we can.

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But you predicted the victory of Asiwaju in the Presidential Election when most others prophesied otherwise?

God is not a man; His words are His bond. Thank God for the revelation two years ago. It is for us to support the President-elect with our prayers in order for him not to derail from the divine plan. For those saying his emergence does not follow due process, God does not follow man’s processes, rather His ways like the birth of Jesus Christ have remained a mystery to man. The bottom line is, did His words come to pass? God in his mercy used to speak to his people. Even the reactions that trailed the election do not mean anything. When two people are fighting, one will win. It was a fight and one man will eventually win and reactions will come. The battle was a mystery. If you look at the life of Goliath and David, immediately, after David killed Goliath, there were reactions, some cheered him and unfortunately, the King who supported him to go and face Goliath became his greatest enemy when the glory and glamour came for David. For Tinubu to emerge as President-elect is a voice of God for Nigeria. Two years ago, I told you as the Lord told me that Tinubu will take Nigeria out of the wilderness for productivity and enhancement. That God is still in existence to fulfill what he has promised to do. Tinubu emergence is the voice of God for Nigeria. In every contest, there must be a winner and a loser. The reactions to the outcome of the election are expected in human society, but as believers we should look beyond the physical and listen to the voice of God.

Are you saying that Nigerians should expect good leadership in the next four years?

Yes, by the grace of God, there are people supporting and praying for him to succeed because he is the voice of God. The first thing I said is that I appreciate all the leaders in Nigeria irrespective of their religion that has continued to throw their weight behind the Tinubu Presidency because the Lord told me that Tinubu will emerge as Nigeria’s next President and he will take Nigeria out of the wilderness for productivity and enhancement. Nigerians should be rejoicing because Tinubu will bring Nigeria and Africa freedom. The Lord made me realise that God used Obasanjo to deliver Nigeria from slavery and that Tinubu will take Nigeria out of the wilderness. God knows that Nigeria has the resources to make her a great nation and Tinubu is the vessel that God wants to use for this purpose. Come May 29, Tinubu will be the next President.

What about the irregularities that characterised the election?

Sometimes last year, I was asked about the Muslim-Muslim ticket and I want to say that there is nothing like that in leadership. There is nothing like tribe or religion. As long as the contestants are from Nigeria, I have no problem with that. We are not going to be ruled by people from the Benin Republic neither are we going to be ruled by Ghanaians; so if some people pick the Muslim-Muslim ticket: the question we should be asking as clerics is that is it the will of God. I spent time asking God who will be the next President and God has spoken and I stand by it. On the irregularities, I am not INEC. On the day of the election, I was not in Nigeria but my people voted. We have been praying that God’s voice will be established for both Nigeria’s and Africa’s freedom. Tinubu is not only for Nigeria, his emergence is for Africa’s freedom. I don’t know why God put it like that. God told me that he will take Nigeria out of the wilderness. Those irregularities are factors of the wilderness experience in Nigeria. What I know which is the voice of God, is that God will bring one man as a vessel for Nigeria and that man is Tinubu, who is destined to be Nigeria’s next President.

Beyond politics, Nigeria is faced with a mirage of problems; why do prophets give different prophecies around elections?

Many prophets are deceiving people with their fake prophecy. Sometimes in 2018, God told me that there is going to be a global crisis and that we should go to major markets to pray. I asked God when will the sickness come, God told me that it will be global crisis and I picked a market in Nigeria and another one in another country and that was how I met the Iya’loja of Ikorodu where I requested that she should give us a grace of a day to pray in the market (Ikorodu market). We held it in December 2017 and the message of God for 2019 was (Iyeni mo yan, mi oyan ikun) meaning I want life, I do not choose death. God told me to share the message to the nook and cranny through a sticker across Ikorodu. Though COVID-19 happened in Nigeria. The message had come and we prayed ahead. The sticker we shared cost us millions. If I minister in any church, I don’t collect honorarium. During COVID-19, I spoke the mind of God to the congregants.

What would now be your advice to the President-elect?

Nigerians have high expectations from him and Africa is waiting for Tinubu to rebuild Nigeria. It is not his duty alone but the duty of God who has positioned him as a vessel. He needs to prepare well for good governance and ministers of God to join him and surround him in prayers. The people that will work with Tinubu are important, thus pastors must continue to pray for him to get the best hands that will work conscientiously with him. As a people, we believe in the power of prayer and God; it is our duty to present the president-elect and the nation to God through our supplications for things to be turned around for the common good.