• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Nigerian tech startup to launch delivery platform

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Nigerian tech startup eRRANDA Technologies is developing a people-to-people delivery solution aimed at solving logistics challenges for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the country.

The platform is founded by King Victor Amakodi, a user interface/user experience (UI/UX) professional, and his technical co-founders Osho Joseph, a full-stack software engineer, and Franklin Tochukwu, a front-end software engineer.

While a launch date has not been announced, a statement by Amakodi on Tuesday said the company’s website is live for users to sign up for a waitlist.

Amakodi described the platform as a conduit for connecting businesses with travellers, thereby facilitating the swift transportation of small goods.

He added that millions of Nigerians travel domestically each day, presenting an opportunity for seamless deliveries through the eRRANDA app.

“eRRANDA connects travellers with people who need to move goods or deliver packages to any location within Nigeria,” Amakodi said. “Travellers can also earn money while travelling or reduce their travel costs.”

Amakodi brings expertise in UI/UX design, sales, business development, branding, customer satisfaction, and customer relationship management. He has held managerial roles at multinational corporations like PZ Cussons and Procter & Gamble before becoming an entrepreneur.

Co-founder Osho explained that the platform originated from a desire to use technology for practical problem-solving.

“We wanted to use technology to solve real-world problems,” Osho said. “eRRANDA creates a win-win situation for both travellers who earn while travelling and businesses that can fulfil their customer promises quickly. The platform helps businesses match with travellers, agree on pickup methods, and initiate deliveries. We have also implemented security measures to prevent travellers from absconding with goods and established guidelines to prohibit the use of the eRRANDA app for illicit or dangerous items.”

Co-founder Franklin Tochukwu addressed concerns about data security. He emphasised that the platform is secure, interactive across devices, and protects user data from breaches and hacking. The platform also ensures secure payment for travellers upon delivery completion.

“We are confident that eRRANDA will become widely used in Nigeria,” Tochukwu said. “We have developed a secure platform that anyone can use to reduce logistics stress. Your data is safe from hackers, and you can conduct fast and secure deliveries through our platform.

“Traditional delivery companies and drivers can be expensive and may not always provide timely or reliable service. With eRRANDA, you can connect directly with someone who benefits from the delivery, gets paid for their service, and delivers to your customer at a lower cost.”