• Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Nigeria missing as China tops feature film production list

Nollywood bets on popularity to woo more investors

A recent report by the European Audiovisual Observatory, compiled using national data sources, revealed where most films are being produced around the world. According to the data, the Nigerian film industry is missing from the top 10.

Often referred to as ‘Nollywood,’ the Nigerian film industry is a center for film production in Africa, known to produce over 2,500 movies a year. While specific data for Nigerian film production isn’t included in this report, Nollywood is widely recognised for churning out over 2,500 movies annually.

Asia has emerged as the clear leader in feature film production for 2023. China takes the top spot with a staggering 792 films produced, solidifying its position as a global filmmaking powerhouse. This rapid growth is fuelled by a large domestic market hungry for local content and by government initiatives that encourage film production.

Hot on China’s heels is India, often referred to as ‘Bollywood,’ the world’s largest film industry by volume. In 2023, India produced an impressive 746 films, showcasing its vibrant filmmaking scene known for its unique blend of music, dance, and cultural storytelling.

Japan, a long-standing leader in Asian cinema, was third with 676 films. While the Japanese film industry has seen some fluctuations in recent years, it remains a major force, mainly known for its contributions to animation (anime) and innovative live-action films.

South Korea maintains its meteoric rise in global cinema, landing in fourth place with 608 films produced in 2023. Korean cinema has captured international attention with its captivating narratives, focus on social issues and strong genre films. From award-winning thrillers to heartwarming dramas, South Korea is leaving its mark on the international stage.

The United States, often synonymous with Hollywood blockbusters, sits at number five with 510 films. While Hollywood remains a major force in global box office revenue, the number of films produced in the U.S. has fluctuated in recent years.

The remaining spots in the top 10 reveal a diverse range of filmmaking cultures. European nations like Italy (402 films), the United Kingdom (365 films), Spain (324 films), and France (298 films) continue to be significant players, known for their artistic sensibilities and contributions to European and world cinema. Argentina rounds out the top 10 with a healthy production of 241 films in 2023, showcasing the strength of Latin American cinema.

The data highlighted the global nature of film production, with global audiences accessing a wider variety of stories than ever before and filmmakers from all corners of the world bringing their unique voices and perspectives to the big screen.