• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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N60,000 minimum wage cannot fly – Nigerian Governors Forum


The Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) has stated the N60,000 minimum wage for workers is unsustainable.

Halimah Salihu Ahmed, NGF’s director of media and public affairs, released a statement on Friday, stating that the proposed N60,000 minimum wage “cannot fly.”

The governors expressed concern that many state governments would use their entire allocation for salaries, leaving no funds for development.

The statement highlighted that minimum wage negotiations include adjustments for all levels, including pensioners.

The NGF advised that any agreement should be sustainable and realistic, emphasising that the N60,000 proposal is unsustainable.

The statement noted that some states might have to borrow to pay salaries, which may not serve the country’s or workers’ interests.

The NGF appealed to all involved, particularly labour unions, to consider socioeconomic factors and reach a sustainable, durable, and equitable agreement.

“All things considered, the NGF holds that the N60,000 minimum wage proposal is not sustainable and cannot fly.

“A few states will end up borrowing to pay workers every month. We do not think this will be in the collective interest of the country, including workers.

“We appeal that all parties involved, especially the labour unions, consider all the socioeconomic variables and settle for an agreement that is sustainable, durable, and fair to all other segments of society who have legitimate claims to public resources,” the statement stated.

Following a suspended nationwide strike by organised labour due to unaddressed minimum wage issues, President Bola Tinubu instructed Wale Edun, the finance minister, to submit a new minimum wage template and cost analysis within 48 hours.

The strike’s suspension allowed for continued negotiations between labour leaders and government representatives.

Labour initially proposed N615,500, then N494,000, as the new national minimum wage, which the government found unrealistic.

At a meeting, George Akume, the secretary to the government of the federation, conveyed Tinubu’s commitment to setting a national minimum wage above N60,000.