• Friday, March 01, 2024
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‘My story time session is to promote early literacy in children’


The wife of the Olu of Warri, Olori Atuwatse III Thursday evening held a session with children in Warri Kingdom, saying that the idea was to promote early literacy in children and foster creativity through drama and dance.

The Queen Consort also admonished Nigerian children to always pray for those in position of authority and also render help to those in need noting that such pleases God.

She gave the admonition at session with children at the palace to wrap up her birthday activities.

Storytime with Mama Iwere is a kids book and drama club with the objective of mind transformation through reading.

The plan for the initiative is to encourage and promote early literacy in children, to foster creativity through drama and dance. It also seek to teach children Godly traits and help them truly connect with God’s love for them.

The story time is an education based initiative to promote literacy, creativity and innovation in children as well as promote godly character tagged was “story time” with mama Iwere.

The highly entertaining and educative session had children between the ages of two and ten.

They all listened with rapt attention while the Olori took the first story titled: “story of the young boy that try to find God”.

The story focused on a young boy simply identified as Fredie who set out to find God by searching everywhere.

According to Olori, in the course of finding God, Fredie went into the bush hoping to meet God there but on the contrary, the young boy came across animals in the bush.

Olori explained further that the young boy also met a man identified as James who had no food to eat adding that the unrelenting Fredie offered James his lunch.

She said that while Fredie continued with his expedition, he met a lady called Ruth with ankle challenges.

Olori also said that Fredie met a wheel chair at the premises of an hospital stressing that with the usual magnanimity of the boy, he used it to wheeled Ruth into the hospital for a medical attention.

The Queen said that at the end of the day, the somehow disappointed Fredie told his mother the people he met and offered help in the course of finding God.

She said Fredie mother replied her son that, though, he may not have found God physically, but rendering help to people in the course of finding God means that he has seen God.

At the end of the story, Olori and the children shared ideas during the questions and answers session on how to help those around us.

Some of the ways the children suggested were: sharing with others, rendering help to one and another, pray for those in authority, teaching those who did not understand the ways of the Lord through evangelism and among others.

Olori said that the take home lesson in the story line was that, people should do good to one and another.

She took instances from the Holy Bible where Jesus Christ told his disciples that truly, whatsoever they do for the least among among their brothers and sisters, they did it for him.

Olori also urged the children to always be ready to render help to whoever they meet in every day of their lives, pray for those in the authority as well as preaches God to people, noting that such pleases God.