• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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MOSOP USA raises alarm, insists on 4 conditions for oil resumption in Ogoni

MOSOP USA raises alarm, insists on 4 conditions for oil resumption in Ogoni

Ogoni persons of Rivers State residing in the United States of America have raised alarm saying fresh attempts are being made to resume oil activities in their land without meeting any of the major conditions the people set, especially creation of a state for the Ogoni people.

Speaking under the auspices of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), USA wing, the Ogonis condemned a meeting allegedly going in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, to prepare grounds for resumption of oil operations.

In a strongly worded petition to the presidency, Dine Augustine Kpuinen, MOSOP USA president, alerted the nation that: “There is confirmed information that some greedy, self-centered Ogoni indigents, government agents, and saboteurs, who have consistently undermined Ogoni efforts to be self-governed within the Nigerian state, have gone to Abuja to meet with President Bola Tinubu to negotiate oil resumption in Ogoni.”

MOSOP USA rejected this move and urged the President to heed the four conditions the Ogoni set for oil production to resume in Ogoni, the most prominent being creation of a state for the Ogoni as part of achieving what MOSOP called autonomy within the Nigerian State.

MOSOP USA also insisted on a clean up of the Ogoni areas of previous contaminants to ensure the environment is safe for oil production. “Gives its citizens the five essential government obligations to guarantee that Ogoni is part of Nigeria: good roads, clean water, electricity, equipped medical facilities, and security.

The group also demanded exoneration of the Ogoni 9 (Ken Saro Wiwa and the other eight) martyrs and their immortalization. “In honor of their memories, November 10 every year should be declared an Environmental or Civil Rights National Holiday in Nigeria.”

They also called for compensation of the Ogoni people in what they termed ‘rehabilitation’. “We call on the President to call back the citizens of the 16 Communities that the late Sanni Abacha administration sacked and flattened in both Oyigbo and Tai LGAs. Rehabilitate and pay Compensation to those who have been internally homeless and hopeless refugees. Also, pay compensation for the 4,000 Ogoni people who were massacred in cold blood by the Rivers State Internal Task Force created by Abacha.”

MOSOP USA advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to stay true to democracy, reminding him that he worked with MOSOP USA in fighting for democracy and against injustice and genocidal actions.

They advised Tinubu to recall that granting autonomous status to all ethnic groups in Nigeria remained the best option to guarantee stability in Nigeria and fast track development.

MOSOP USA called on President Tinubu to curtail the alleged excesses of his minister of the FCT and former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike.

They said this was to allow peace to reign in the oil state and give the new governor a breathing space to govern the state. “We want the president to investigate the $300 million belonging to the Ogoni people paid by NNPC as compensation.” They claimed the money was embezzled.

MOSOP USA also appeals to the president to control one of his own whose activities have stiffened and threatened your government: the Federal Minister of the Federal Territory, Mr. Nyiesom Wike, claiming ownership of Rivers State. We want the president to investigate the $300 million belonging to the Ogoni people paid by NNPC as compensation, embezzled by Governor Nyesom Wike.

The USA Ogoni group finally said Ogoni needs well-equipped Federal Colleges of Applied Technology (FCAT), where the children will acquire skills and trade to meet the employment demands of the 21st century. “We therefore inform the president that this FCAT will solve the problem of Ogoni underemployment as they have the most unemployed youths in Nigeria.

“Having the Youth acquire basic trades and skills will help them create jobs for themselves and others, gradually eliminating unemployment and boosting the nation’s economy. We advise Mr. President to consider rebuilding the nation by providing skills and trades to the youths.”