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Moh Lukman urges APC to prioritise solution to insecurity in national convention

Moh Lukman urges APC to prioritise solution to insecurity in national convention

Salihu Moh Lukman, the director-general of the All Progressives Congress (APC) progressive governors’ forum (PGF), has called the party’s leadership to prioritise finding solutions to rampaging insecurity in the country in its February national convention.

Lukman stated this in Abuja on Sunday, January 2, 2022 when he urged the party leaders to understand that the success or failure of the party will be foundational to their ability to convince Nigerians to make sacrifices for the peace of the country.

“As a party preparing for its national convention in February 2022, we must appeal to APC leaders to include debate about what needs to be done by all APC governments to mobilise the support of Nigerians to bring to an immediate end the current national security challenge in the country,’ he stated.

Speaking on a topic titled; ‘Issues for successful APC national convention on the need to refocus the party for better performance.

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The PGF said that as a party, APC needs to do everything necessary to refocus national debates towards strengthening the initiatives of the President Buhari-led government to produce the desired result of securing the country.

“Strengthening the capacity of APC-led federal government to produce the desired outcome, in the short run, is about massive recruitment of police and military personnel in the country, in addition to the investment that has been made towards procurement of arms, including the A-29 Tucano jets.

‘In the long run, it is about providing good conditions of services and a sustainable funding framework for the operation of police and security services in the country,” he said.

Lukman in a statement warned that if the agenda of the forthcoming national convention of the party is narrowed to just electing new laders of the party without addressing key issues such as insecurity among others, the ability of APC to mobilise Nigerians to build a new Nigeria would have been sacrificed.

“APC leaders have since 2013 demonstrated capacity to mobilise Nigerians based on clear political agreements. The February 2022 National Convention should not be an exception,” the statement read.

According to him, the new Nigeria citizens’ desire will be a product of collective responsibility, shared values and sacrifices and therefore guaranteed security and abundant wealth. The success or failure will be practically about how many sacrifices APC leaders are able to convince Nigerians to make.