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MFM refutes frame-up allegation by ex-pastors who spent nine years in jail

MFM refutes frame-up allegation by ex-pastors who spent nine years in jail

The Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) has denied framing up two of its ex-pastors, Femi Jimoh and Caleb Oloruntele, who spent nine years in prison.

Jimoh had, in an earlier interview, accused MFM and its founder, Daniel Olukoya, of framing him up and dumping him in prison for nine years, claiming that the church does not forgive its offenders.

Jimoh had also claimed that he was beaten and handcuffed while a divisional police officer shot him in the leg before being dumped in prison.

“If you offend them, they do not forgive at MFM. That is the bad character they have,” he had alleged.

But the MFM’s Chief Legal Officer, Davidson Adejuwon, dismissed the allegations at a press conference in Lagos, describing them as lies. He alleged that ex-Pastor Jimoh’s misbehaviour particularly began as far back as 2002 in Warri, Delta State.

“Femi Jimoh has been in the service of the ministry dating back to the year 2000. Sometime in 2002 while serving in Warri under one of our senior pastors, there was an issue of misbehaviour.

“That continued until the very last one when he was sent packing.”

The MFM’s chief legal officer alleged that in 2007, ex-Pastor Jimoh approached some of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) members to help him procure guns to rob the church’s first fruit offerings in 2008.

He told the reporter that the people approached by ex-Pastor Jimoh had to meet a member of the church, Pastor Daniel, who took them to an in-law to the general overseer to relay the robbery message.

Adejuwon said the matter got to the church and the police, with the police advising the church to play along.

“The police were involved and the church was asked to play along so as to have enough evidence against them.

“Ultimately, the police had to plant one of their police officers who convinced them that he would supply guns.

“An ex-pastor named Caleb Oloruntele is the one that was supposed to sponsor the whole thing. I think it was in their last meeting that the police went in and rounded them up. They were waiting for Caleb. It was an administrator of the church, who was a former military officer (now late), who also laid wait for the Caleb.”

Adejuwon said they were charged to court, arraigned but were later granted bail.

However, they remained in custody because they could not perfect their bail, he said, noting that they were discharged after nine years in jail.

“The judge said that the testimonies of the witnesses were not too convincing and were disjointed.

“So, because they were discharged, Femi and Caleb) went to the industrial court. They sued for damages, demanding N500 million. But the judge said we had not fully terminated their employment and should calculate their arrears. The judge disagreed with their N500 million claim,” the MFM’s chief legal officer said.

He further said that ex-Pastor Jimoh’s allegation that he was framed up by the church was a lie and an attempt to paint the church as insensitive.

“We understand there are people who are bent on looking for what will bring MFM down,” he said, noting that the MFM general overseer did not jail Femi Jimoh and Caleb Oloruntele or any other person for nine years.

“What purpose will it serve or what does the church stand to gain by framing up two of its pastors?” the lawyer asked.