• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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May TalkExchange poll: What do think about Tinubu’s administration so far?

In search of trees: 365 days into Tinubu’s government

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s tenure has seen notable reforms and significant challenges. He abolished the fuel subsidy, saving the government over N1 trillion annually while tackling corruption.

His economic reforms, including unifying the naira exchange rate and creating the Economic Council, demonstrate a commitment to sound policies. Additionally, Tinubu emphasised healthcare improvements, though much work remains.

However, his abrupt removal of fuel subsidies and naira devaluation have caused severe inflation, now at a 28-year high, worsening poverty and hunger.

The education sector suffers from mass school abductions, and promised food palliatives have not been delivered, leaving many in need. The healthcare system remains in poor condition, with hospitals and clinics neglected and healthcare financing issues persisting.

In summary, while Tinubu’s reforms address critical issues, they have also led to economic and social difficulties.

As the administration celebrates one year in power, what would you have done better?

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