• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Market intelligence required to meet export standards – Annabel Kamuche


Annabel Kamuche, group managing director of NICERT, has said that market intelligence is needed to meet the standards as it relates to products and regions Nigerians intends to export their products.

She said exporters have to make a conscious effort to understand the minimum pesticide residue of regions they intend exporting their products to.

“By 2025, Europe is insisting that they want traceability of the location of produce,”Kamuche said at BusinessDay’s Agrex 2023 summit, while adding that Nigerian farmers don’t keep records so how will Nigeria prove their produce.

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She urged the government to create policies that will help investors invest in the Agricultural sector.

Kamuche cited tax holiday as an example of policies that the government can use for manufacturers of Agriculture based products which can be an attraction for investors to be involved in agriculture.