• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Making the most of the Black Friday frenzy


It is no longer breaking news that the highly anticipated Black Friday shopping extravaganza unfolded spectacularly a couple of weeks ago, drawing enthusiastic shoppers lured by the thrilling promise of irresistible deals and unbelievable discounts.

The anticipation of this annual retail event was nothing short of exhilarating. Nigerians eagerly counted down the days when the biggest deals would be announced to get their hands on long-coveted products for next to nothing.

A survey conducted by TechNext in 2021 illuminates the mindset of Black Friday enthusiasts. Among the respondents, 26% expressed their conviction that the prospect of better discounts would be the decisive factor in convincing them to participate in Black Friday shopping. On the other hand, 43% of respondents indicated that merely having the possibility of securing a discount was sufficient motivation to engage in this shopping frenzy.

In essence, discounts serve as the bedrock of Black Friday’s appeal, as consumers eagerly seek those compelling sales as they get value for their hard-earned money. Beyond the discounts, this article highlights steps to make the most of the highly anticipated Black Friday era.

Prepare Early
Preparation is one of the keys to making the most of Black Friday. Savvy shoppers understand that creating a well-thought-out plan is akin to having a secret weapon. From identifying desired items to establishing a strict budget, meticulous preparation ensures you navigate bustling stores and online platforms confidently and purposefully.

Don’t be in a rush; take time to uncover hidden gems
Black Friday is a game of discovering platforms, products, brands, and discounts that align with shopping goals. To make the most of the season, take time out to delve into research into discovering hidden gems – such as exclusive discounts and combo packs. While the discounts would undoubtedly tickle your fancy, understanding product specifications, reading reviews, and comparing prices gives you the competitive edge to make informed decisions, ensuring that everyone gets the best value for money.

Seize the Perfect Moment
Black Friday is a game of timing. Shoppers who understand the ebb and flow of discounts seize the perfect moment to buy. Whether monitoring flash sales or waiting until the final hours for retailers to unleash their most significant discounts, timing is the linchpin in the Black Friday shopping strategy.

Spend Wisely, Save Smartly
While the excitement of Black Friday deals can be infectious, it’s crucial to maintain financial awareness. Setting a realistic budget and adhering to it prevents overspending, ensuring that your purchases align with your financial goals. Black Friday should be seen as an opportunity to save, not to splurge. This mindset is essential to make the most of this spending season.

Get ready for the Cyber Monday Phenomenon.
On the back of the fervor of Black Friday lies the anticipated “Cyber Monday,” – November 27 – which has become a shopaholic’s dream. This day, tailored explicitly for tech enthusiasts, offers unparalleled deals on gadgets, ranging from smartphones to laptops, cameras, accessories, and everything in between. This is where the real frenzy lies; get ready to make the most of it.

With excitement comes caution
Amid the excitement surrounding gadget purchases, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks involved. Accidents, theft, and damage can jeopardize these valuable devices, leading to financial loss and unplanned emotional distress.

Undoubtedly, our gadgets have become more than a tool for communication or productivity; they have soon become an extension of ourselves, holding our dearest memories and sometimes deepest values. Finding ways to safeguard our devices just as we would for our homes, vehicles, assets, and things we love has become crucial. This is where a risk mitigation plan, unlike any other, comes in.

Understanding the significance of protecting gadgets through forward thinking and proactive steps, Leadway Assurance recently forged a groundbreaking partnership with Gamp, an insurtech startup specializing in gadget insurance.

With the understanding of the emotional significance of our gadgets, this partnership unearths a comprehensive device insurance plan, offering a safety net for both individuals and businesses.

This plan covers the cost of repairing damaged devices for policyholders. It also grants access to an extensive network of repair centers through accredited Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners. Most shoppers are known to go for electronic devices during the Black Friday generous discount season. So, if you get a device on a deal this season, adding the Leadway-Gamp device protection plan for just N1,500 per year sweetens the deal even more. Here is why! The plan covers all types of gadgets, regardless of brand, condition, location of purchase, or model. In a country with over 130 million devices with more to come, following the black Friday sales, this plan ensures that every Nigerian can safeguard their digital companions and spend nothing more for repairs should that risk arise.

Another remarkable offering in the GAMP’s partnership with Leadway Assurance is the convenience it provides. Policyholders can request repairs online from the comfort of their homes. A simple online request is all it takes to pick up, repair, and deliver your affected gadget from any designated experience center. It is a game-changer in the world of device insurance.

What are you waiting for? To know more about Leadway Assurance and Gamp’s device insurance policy, kindly contact Leadway Assurance Financial Management Experts on 01-2800-700 or email [email protected] for professional advice. You can also request a callback.

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