• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Lush Hair organises symposium for entrepreneurs

Lush Hair symposium

It was the 2nd edition of the Lush Hair Stylists Hang Out where the brand explicitly celebrated creativity, dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and most importantly the exceptional growth of Hairstylists in Lagos State.

The event was hosted by two popular names and faces in the media and entertainment industry: Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, a.k.a. “KieKie,” an ace producer, skit maker, and content creator who is even more well-known for her wealth of trackable experience in broadcasting and entertainment across digital and television platforms. Alongside her was the delectable Ilooise Omohinmin, a seasoned Nigerian host and producer of popular radio and TV programs known as “Ilowitdflo.”

Lush Hair, stated that the event was created as the best way to recognize hairstylists for their long and relentless years of hard work and undeniable contribution to the creative upgrade in the beauty/fashion industry.

To the brand or Lush Hair believes Hairstylists are seen as more than just ordinary business associates; they also serve as counselors, gist partners, and advisers. The brand also strongly believes they deserve to be celebrated for their remarkable talent and progressive attitude toward the industry’s growth, as well as having invested so much energy, creativity, and long-standing years of diligence to bring the industry to where it is today.

According to the Assistant Manager, Lush Hair – Damilola Agboola, she said “the idea of styling hair is actually an art and as we celebrate these stylists today, we are also challenging their creativity to go wild and develop monumental pieces out Lush Hair Extensions. We have complete trust in their abilities to transform the ordinary into something spectacular”.

“We don’t just churn out products out there, we take learnings, feedback from consumers and stylists alike, and then push these back into the brand to eventually come up with something that consumers and stylists would love” she stated.

One of the major highlights of the program was during the sip and paint session, when everyone in the hall were offered the opportunity to also display their artistic skills through the painting of an African woman image on a canvas. The painting competition encouraged artistic expression and the monetary prize of N50,000 was the icing on the cake for the winner.

New range of hair extensions was officially launched with the core and unique qualities of being extra lightweight, soft, shiny and bright-colored to complement everyone’s fashion sense. Apart from the brand being a proudly Nigerian hair extension brand, it prides itself in offering quality and unmatched hair extensions to consumers.