• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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LoopBlock Network to train 100 Nigerians in blockchain technology

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Determined to create employment opportunities for Nigerians, LoopBlock Network, a decentralised AI Blockchain company has announced plans to train 100 Nigerian blockchain/web 3 developers in the next two years.

Keith Mali Chung, president/founding partner of LoopBlock Network said the training is part of the company’s investment drive which is geared towards building a new digital reality that will evenly distribute online power to Nigerians.

According to Chung, who is a Nigerian Crypto/Blockchain expert, the world is currently in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution that is being built on Blockchain technology, which helps to verify transactions or records/data on public ledgers.

He further said that the Blockchain revolution is going to cut across all industries, governance, and institutions alike, which is important for Nigeria and Africa as a continent.

“Blockchain technology had the best potential of solving the problem of government financial/administrative transparency and voting transparency since all transactions or relevant records/data can be on a public ledger not controlled by any single corporate entity,” he said.

Keith Mali, who is also the chairman of Afen Blockchain and also a leading project Angel Investor, said he has invested in some projects across the year.

“Nigeria/Africa missed out on the Internet/Web 2 Revolution which is why there are no social media or African Tech Powerhouses like Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Meta as it’s been rebranded,” he pointed out.

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He stated that the private sector/government should also make it an economic and technological priority to keep up or get ahead of the curve.

“Africa has missed out on every big revolution since the Agricultural Revolution & Nigeria/Africa cannot afford to miss out on this one,” he declared.

Keith has always been an advocate of Blockchain Tech, which he discovered in his hometown in Jos North, Plateau State due to its endless possibilities and potential.

LoopBlock Network launched operations in 2018 with the aim of providing the most decentralised and effective technology that will foster the growth of digital assets & decentralised finance (DeFi) in Africa.