• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Looking inward is path to self-discovery – Enwere

Looking inward is path to self-discovery – Enwere

God’sGift Ejike Enwere, founder and president of LifeEdge Konsult, has counseled youths, especially students to look inwards as that is the panacea to leading a meaningless life.

Speaking at the launch of his new book, ‘Purpose By Design’, Enwere explained that the motive behind the book was to help individuals and organisations understand and discover their purpose.

“I wrote this book following the experience I had. I struggled to find meaning in life. There was emptiness, an obvious void in me that was crying for satisfaction.

“I had tried my hands on so many things to satisfy it all to no avail. Till I looked inwards and realise that myself was crying for expression. I had to release myself to latch in on my calling, which is purpose. The goal is to help those who read find a sense of meaning in life as I have,” he said.

The author, who is a civil engineer by profession disclosed further that the book will help serve people who took time to read it as a guide to self-discovery and achievement.

Enwere pointed out lack of discovery of oneself is mainstream of many human problems. According to him, “The reason why there is no cure for cancer, so much leadership failure, and so much vice, is because the men and women that have the solution have not discovered it in them.

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“They are ignorant of what they are carrying which is the solution to the myriad of issues confronting our societies today. Once they discover it within and begin to pursue it, our societies, communities and the entire world will be better off. This book will help them discover it.”

Besides, he noted that everyone struggling with purpose and meaning should endeavor to read the book because such a person will find solution to his/her problems.

“Everyone that is tired of waking each morning and being confused about where his or her life is heading to; everyone that is yet to make sense of various difficulties and challenges in his or her life; everyone that thinks he or she is not special and rather limited in potential, this book is for such a fellow. There’s no limitation in life except the ones we allow. We came here ready, fully fitted for our assignments,” he said.

Enwere, who is also the author of the book, ‘Ghost Mode’ reiterated that there is no fulfillment besides living out God’s purposes for one’s life. “We all were built according to a design. We were fitted for our designs. When we engage life devoid of our design, no matter how fast we go, we can never be satisfied. Living according to your calling means being patient and consistent, but these are words so many youths don’t like to hear. I encourage the youth to shun the easy and fast way of life,” he said.