• Monday, March 04, 2024
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Leverage PPP as catalyst to unlock Nigeria’s mining potential – Omo-Osagie


The chief financial officer of Thor Explorations Limited (SROL’s parent company), Chris Omo-Osagie, has called on the federal government (FG) to leverage and deepen public-private partnership (PPP) as a catalyst to unlock the country’s mining potential.

He underscored the importance of establishing the necessary infrastructure and expressed his belief that Nigeria possesses the inherent capability to elevate the mining industry to new heights through strategic planning, collaborative alliances, investment promotion, and infrastructure development.

“I am exceptionally enthused by the Minister’s strategic vision. His seven-point agenda charts a clear path forward, and I am confident that with meticulous execution, the future of Nigeria’s mining industry holds great promise. There is a bright future ahead for the mining sector in Nigeria,” he stated, highlighting the critical role of partnerships as a catalyst for unlocking Nigeria’s vast mining potential at the recent Nigerian Mining Week, organized by Vuka Group in Abuja.

Tagged, ‘Capitalizing on Nigeria’s Critical Mineral Resources for Economic Growth’, the Nigerian Mining Week underscored the pivotal role played by SROL in the nation’s mining landscape.

SROL is an exploration and gold mining company that controls Nigeria’s inaugural commercial large-scale gold mine called the Segilola Gold Mine.

Dele Alake, Minister of Solid Minerals Development, reiterated the federal government’s firm commitment to elevating solid minerals to a paramount status, surpassing the contribution of crude oil to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“Nigeria possesses an abundance of highly sought-after critical minerals, those in significant global demand. What we need are meticulously crafted methodologies, strategies, and efficient approaches to ensure the comprehensive exploration, exploitation, and management of these valuable resources. Government cannot accomplish this task in isolation,” he stated.

Austin Menegbo, Country Manager, Segilola Resources Operating Limited (SROL) reiterated the firm’s unwavering dedication to operational excellence, delivering substantial shareholder returns, maintaining a social license to operate, and making significant environmental contributions within their operational regions.

“I eagerly anticipate a future where numerous gold mining companies, akin to Segilola, thrive. We welcome and encourage other partners to explore opportunities in the gold sector. I firmly believe that where there is determination, there is a path forward,” he stated.