• Friday, December 08, 2023
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LASG restates commitment to indigenous food production

LASG restates commitment to indigenous food production

…Ahead 5th Ofada Rice Festival

The Lagos State government has reaffirmed its commitment to encourage food security by supporting initiatives that enable local food production.

Abisola Olusanya, the commissioner for Agricultural, made the submission at a recent press conference to announce the fifth edition of the Ofada Rice Festival themed ‘Ofadabration’.

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Olusanya said that the Nigerian local rice otherwise known as the Ofada rice is a richer variety of the rice grain judging from its nutritional content and the state government would continue creating and supporting avenues to export it’s goodness to the world.

She added that it is the hope of the state government that conversations which encourage African food to push boundaries and move beyond the continent to create a name for itself on the world stage are promoted.

“For us at the ministry of Agriculture, this is showcasing that this staple can indeed go places, to show the cultural context around it, and then encourage more people to come into the space,” she said indicating the administration is throwing it’s weight behind Ofada Rice Day Festival.

According to her, the state government will continue to support initiatives that truly have the intentions of changing the food systems in Lagos.

“And like everyone has said, we just continue to hope that with festivals like Ofada Rice Festival, we’ll continue to push boundaries and let people enjoy our indigenous culinary,” Olusanya said.

Tobi Fletcher, CEO, Ofadaboy Restaurant and convener, Ofada Rice Day Festival, said the vision to host the annual event was born out of the need to entrench the wonder of African cultural beauty and diversity as it affects local food and lifestyle.

Fletcher explained that Africa risks losing its rich and deeply fascinating culture in the near future, hence Ofada Rice Day Festival was birthed to correct the narrative.

“From the birth of Ofada Rice Festival, a lot of other big festivals have come up. That is why we are here today to let you know that Ofada rice has come to stay,” he said.

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Fletcher said the festival hopes to create an avenue for cultural exchange where people from all walks of life can interact bearing their most authentic cultural uniqueness and be appreciated rather than assimilated.