• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Lagos revives Ehingbeti summit, implements 109 resolutions

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Lagos State has resuscitated the annual Ehingbeti summit after the last one held in 2014. This comes as the state has concluded plans to hold the 2020 summit in November 10 to 12.

Samuel Egube, commissioner for economic planning & budget disclosed this on Sunday in Lagos. The theme for this year’s Ehingbeti is ‘for greater Lagos: setting the tune for the next decade’.

He said Lagos State has implemented 109 out of 119 decisions from Ehingbeti. The Lagos State economic summit, he said, has been the convening platform driven by the private sector and backed up by the government to basically show the vibrancy of Lagos State as it interacts, collaborates in the way it pursues inclusive governance mechanism for the state.

Ehingbeti brings together local, foreign private-sector, technocrats, government representatives, civil society members, academia, multilateral agencies, and government partners, to have a conversation as to how the dream Lagos should look like.

“The summit has a huge history and it’s now firmly established as a credible forum for stimulating economic growth in Lagos State,” Egube said.

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“We have started to implement from early decisions that have been made. So far about 119 resolutions were taken in the cause of the history of Ehingbeti and 109 of them have been implemented. The government is responsible to the decisions taken in Ehingbeti and we are obliged to return to next Ehingbeti what we have done with the decisions we took and if there are challenges we highlight those challenges and take another decision as to how to resolve those challenges,” he said.

He said the blue line red line, and rail master plan were part of the ideas that came out of Ehingbeti. “I can tell you we are on our way to deliver both the red line and the blue line,” he said.

The fact that we are trying to expand our activities on the waterways is also Ehingbeti, Lagos homes ownership scheme, all came out of Ehingbeti “.Yemi Cardoso, co-chairman, 2020 Ehingbeti said there was much to look forward to in this year’s Ehingbeti as he commended the governor of Lagos State for bringing back the summit.

Cardoso said it was a great opportunity for the private sector to show what Lagos is truly made of and what it can do. Muda Yusuf, director-general of Lagos Chamber of Commerce said, “we are committed to partnering with Lagos State to continue to put this forward “.

The summit creates an enabling forum for all stakeholders in Lagos and showcases Lagos as a destination for investment, democracy, culture and tourism as well as a credible sub-national capable of pulling off a world-class global summit.