• Monday, May 27, 2024
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Lagos eyes fresh start for Computer Village with relocation to Abule Egba

computer village

The Lagos State Government has reignited plans to relocate the iconic Computer Village from Ikeja to Katangowa, a suburb in the Abule-Egba area.

This follows years of stalled efforts and public debate surrounding the relocation. Olajide Babatunde, Special Adviser to the Governor on eGIS and Urban Development, confirmed the renewed commitment during a recent inspection alongside law enforcement agencies.

Market overhaul, not just a move:

The initiative goes beyond simply shifting the market’s physical location. Babatunde emphasized a broader vision of “re-organising all our markets,” using Computer Village as a prime example. He outlined the intention to create a “proper market” at Katangowa, equipped with modern amenities like childcare facilities, schools, and dedicated storage spaces.

Addressing past concerns:

The relocation plan faced criticism in the past, with some traders expressing concerns about accessibility and potential loss of business. Babatunde acknowledged this, stating the government’s aim is to “move those people who seem to be on the road in Ikeja and obstructing traffic” into a more organized and user-friendly environment. He emphasized that the new market will be “big enough with all the services” to cater to their needs.

Building a “Greater Lagos”:

This initiative aligns with the government’s broader urban development goals, encapsulated in the vision of a “Greater Lagos Rising.” Babatunde highlighted the project’s multifaceted approach, encompassing “regenerate, re-develop, innovate, conserve” principles to create a more sustainable and efficient city.

Previous attempts and the road ahead:

While this announcement reignites hope, it’s important to acknowledge that the relocation was initially planned for 2017 and faced delays. In 2023, renewed assurances were made, but concrete progress remained elusive.

The success of this latest attempt hinges on effectively addressing concerns from stakeholders, ensuring a smooth transition process, and delivering the promised infrastructure and amenities at Katangowa. Only then can the Computer Village truly thrive in its new home, contributing to Lagos’s digital future and urban transformation.