• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Labour Party chairman, Abure released on bail

Julius Abure, the national chairman of the Labour Party, was released on bail early Thursday morning after a dramatic arrest the previous day. Abure, who was nabbed by police in Benin City, told supporters his detention was part of a larger plot to “destabilize” the party, a claim that throws gasoline on the already smoldering political landscape.

Abure’s arrest, reportedly based on a petition from the Inspector General’s office, sent shockwaves through the Labour Party, which has emerged as a vocal critic of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). The party’s state chairman and youth leader remain in custody, although Abure claims their release is imminent.

“Struggle doesn’t come easy,” Abure declares

Addressing a crowd of supporters outside the police station, Abure painted his arrest as a badge of honor, comparing himself to “freedom fighters” who have endured persecution. He denounced the charges against him as “false accusations” and accused the APC of orchestrating a witch hunt.

“They’ve been trying to instigate crises in the party,” Abure thundered, his voice thick with indignation. “They try to bring false accusations against us. They talked about forgery…embezzlement. Any person that is aggrieved, they go and instigate them to write a petition against us.”

His vow to “continue the struggle” suggests the Labour Party is doubling down on its confrontational approach, potentially setting the stage for a possible heated political battle in the months to come.