• Friday, June 14, 2024
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Japtini Logistics in agreement with Foam Studio to transform fleet management

Japtini Logistics in agreement with Foam Studio to transform fleet management

Japtini Logistics, a logistics solution provider, said it has entered into a partnership with Foam Studio to revolutionise fleet management using a tech-driven solution.

The partnership will see the introduction of the Sifa e-lock, a cutting-edge solution that enables real-time monitoring of trucks during their journeys and empowers users to carry out essential fleet management tasks directly from their smartphones or laptops at the office or at home.

According to Japtini Logistics, it will also enhance the visibility provided to the company’s clients.

“With the Sifa e-lock, clients can now have a clear view of their consignments; accurately predict when a truck will arrive at the depots or warehouses. This newfound predictability will enable clients to make just-in-time preparations for offloading, ultimately optimising their operations,” the company said.

It also said that the partnership will foster transparency, and trust and further strengthens the firm’s partnerships with clients and third-party logistics providers.

Japtini Logistics further said the partnership will significantly reduce its trucks’ turnaround time, ensuring prompt deliveries and minimising the risk of consignment compromise.

“With 24-hour visibility on trucks in transit, we can proactively address any potential issues, ensuring smooth operations throughout the entire journey,” the company added.

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Emmanuel Ode, CEO of Japtini Logistics, said lack of visibility and predictability regarding the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of consignments in transit has been a major pain point for businesses, particularly for the manufacturing and FMCG companies in Nigeria.

According to him, it hinders hinder the ability of businesses to plan for sales and distributions accurately.

“With our new service, we aim to alleviate this challenge while also reducing average journey times by an impressive 25 percent. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to leveraging technology to provide solutions to the logistics challenges faced in Africa,” Ode said.

Japtini Logistics is a logistics solution provider dedicated to offering innovative and technology-driven services. The company is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction and continually strives to streamline logistics operations and create a seamless experience for its clients.

Foam Studio is a renowned technology company that specialises in telematics and fleet management solutions. It’s expertise and cutting-edge solutions empower businesses across industries to optimise their operations, enhance visibility, and improve overall efficiency.