Investment One Financial Services bridges gap through investment education

Investment One Financial Services has commenced its financial literacy initiative of investment education. The aim of this initiative is to bridge the gap of financial knowledge in society, especially, for young people.

Tomiwa Owodunni, group strategy officer in a chat with BusinessDay expressed the need for many Nigerians to be furnished with financial literacy knowledge, especially, at such a time in the country.

“A lot of people have funds to save or invest, but do not know how to go about it. There are high rates of financial fraud going on in Nigeria. That is what Investment One Financial Services is set to address. Our investment education classes range from treasury bills, foreign investment options to financial instruments, money and your mind, and so much more,” Owodunni said.

The investment education initiative is not new to Investment One as it has been executed over the years to their clients, prospects, and stakeholders, however, the initiative has been revamped and extended to a larger audience that seeks the need for financial literacy.

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The 2020 pandemic launched the surge of the use of digital platforms for various purposes not limited to commerce, entertainment, and/or education. This surge also revealed a wave of fraudulent practices. The Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) reported that financial fraud peaked at its highest in 2020, accounting for a 186% increase against 2018 and, 2019 where its growth rate was low.

This is a reason Investment One decided to revamp the investment education initiative and offer it to a wider reach of people. This was created out of a need to be socially responsible.

According to Chika Nzekwe, the community manager for Investment Education, Investment One Financial Services Group is poised to provide financial solutions via financial enlightenment through its financial literacy arm- Investment Education. Investment Education is the Financial Literacy Initiative of the Investment One Financial Services.

“Our goal is to build a community of financially literate individuals who, in whatever phase of their career can sustainably earn, grow, manage and preserve their wealth. This way the chances of getting swayed by fraudsters are lessened and they are armed with tools to aid their financial freedom,” Nzekwe stated.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that investment education sessions are majorly virtual on their telegram group and that lectures began in September 2021. To benefit from this unique privilege potential candidates are to join the group via:

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