• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Innovation and strategic partnerships have been pivotal to Globat Oil And Gas skills’ success

Innovation and strategic partnerships have been pivotal to Globat Oil And Gas skills’ success

Boma Femi Julius is the founder and CEO of Globat Oil and Gas Skills LLC, a registered company in Nigeria and the U.S. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Polymer and Textile Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and a Master of Science (MSc) in Drilling and Well Engineering from Robert Gordon University, U.K. His career in drilling fluids began with an internship at Baker Hughes as a student, after which he joined Geo-Fluids and later M.I Swaco Ltd in Nigeria and Gabon, and he later consulted for Baker Hughes in Saudi Arabia.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Globat Oil and Gas Skills and Globat Mud School, Boma Femi Julius is an expert in petroleum processes, along with the technical and operational aspects of the industry, and excels in project management. His extensive work experience covers a variety of African nations and the Middle East, underscoring his substantial impact and contributions to the sector.

Mission and Vision

To carve a niche for ourselves as a multi-faceted, fully integrated training, Engineering, and Contracting Company, providing second-to-none specialized, qualitative, speedy, highly responsive, up-to-date technologically backed services, knowledge, and skills to individuals and the local / International Oil and Gas Industries. Our vision is to cultivate highly skilled professionals across all training programs equipped to excel globally in their respective fields. In line with Globatskills’ strategic vision for 2024, the organization recently launched a pioneering welding school to train 10,000 youths in basic welding technology. This initiative is a testament to Globatskills’ commitment to addressing the skills gap in the industry and empowering the next generation with vocational skills that are in high demand. Globatskills aims to equip young individuals with the expertise required to excel in local and international markets, fostering employment opportunities and contributing to economic development by focusing on welding technology. This expansion into welding training underscores Globatskills’ dedication to diversifying its educational offerings and enhancing its impact on workforce development across sectors.

Company’s Continued Success

Innovation and strategic partnerships have been pivotal to Globat Oil and Gas Skills’ sustained success by keeping the company at the forefront of industry developments and expanding its reach. Through adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing advanced training programs, Globat has remained competitive, meeting the evolving needs of the oil and gas sector. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders and educational institutions have enriched its offerings, broadening its client base and enhancing its reputation. These approaches have allowed Globat to access new markets, tailor its curriculum to industry standards, and continuously provide value to its clients, driving its growth and success in a competitive landscape.

Nigerian Professionals To Their Foreign Counterparts

Nigerian professionals, particularly those trained by Globatskills and Globat Mud School, often deliver superior quality services compared to their foreign counterparts. The rigorous training and industry-specific skills imparted by Globatskills equip them with exceptional expertise and a practical approach, enabling them to excel and often outperform in various global arenas.

Impact of the Local Content Act

The Local Content Act has significantly boosted the development of indigenous firms in Nigeria, fostering local participation and capacity building in the oil and gas sector. It has encouraged investment in local talent and technology, promoting sustainable growth and increasing the competitiveness of Nigerian companies on a global scale. Still, there is room for improvement to meet up with international standards.


In the context of our training, we strive to avoid compromises in the quality of education we give our students, such as by overcrowding classes or hiring less qualified instructors to cut costs; this not only affects the quality of our graduates but also undermines the trust and credibility of the institution in the long term.

Organization’s Landmark Accomplishments

Over the years, our organization has achieved remarkable milestones, notably in our impactful education and training programs. More than 60% of our students have successfully secured employment within Nigeria and in international markets such as Gabon, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Mozambique etc. This achievement underscores our commitment to providing industry-relevant skills and knowledge, positioning our graduates for global opportunities and contributing significantly to the oil and gas sector workforce.