• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Innoson points the way to alternative fuel motoring with launch of LNG, CNG automobile

Innoson points the way to alternative fuel motoring with launch of LNG, CNG automobile

Innoson, Nigeria’s indigenous auto manufacturing company, has again deepened competition in the market with gas powered vehicles.

The vehicles which include heavy duty trucks, long buses and cars are powered by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered vehicles.

Speaking during the commissioning of the vehicles by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN), at Nnewi, Anambra State, Innocent Chukwuma, chairman, Innoson Group of Companies said the future of automobile us gas powered vehicles.

Chukwuma said the commissioning is a testament to the fact that Innoson making Nigeria a hub for automobile manufacturing in Africa.

“I observed that normal gas and fuel is very expensive now in Nigeria. So, we have to find alternative. This is to also ensure the purchase of vehicles and their maintenance will be cheap. This way, the common man can afford to buy more vehicles.

“We are now doing LNG, CNG powered vehicles and also trying to do electric motors. The Electric, LNG and CNG vehicles are the future. The durability of these vehicles are better; they have been tested. Just that many people don’t know about this,” he said.

He also stressed that educating people on the advantages of cars powered by CNG and LNG is key.

The chairman assured that when people start using these vehicles, they won’t go back to usage of fuel and diesel.

He said movement of goods with trucks from one State to another is very expensive because of the cost of fuel, adding with the new gas powered heavy duty trucks, the cost of shipment and movement of goods will be very affordable.

He disclosed that the patronage the vehicles are encouraging, adding that he already has lots of orders from from Benin city.

“Most of the orders in my factory are from Benin. This means they already understand the advantages of these vehicles. We produce according to demand. We will be happy to see more people petronise local products.

Speaking earlier at the commissioning and after Innoson factory inspection, Francis Meshioye, President, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN) said Innoson has all it takes to do the job of car manufacturing.

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“We have test run one of the vehicles and it is very amazing. The gas powered vehicles are the future for Nigeria. This is very innovation. it costs so much to transport goods from one place to another because of fuel. Gas is cheaper and better. It is the way to go,” Meshioye said.

Ada Chukwudozie, chairman, MAN South East who also spoke during the commissioning described Innoson project as “a legacy project.”

Chukwudozie said gas is sufficient and abundant in Anambra State and Innoson can leverage this advantage to dominate the market.

“Innoson is the pride of manufacturers. He has done so well. He is manufacturing vehicles. We have gone round and have seen things for ourselves and we are so proud of him,” she said.

She also said the governor of Anambra State is doing so much to support industrialization in the State, as recently signed an MOU with EEDC to ensure power supply is steady in the state.

She said once power become stable in Anambra, there will be productivity, job creation and wealth creation.