• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Initiative to empower mid-level career professionals birthed in Lagos

Initiative to empower mid-level career professionals birthed in Lagos

An initiative tagged “Dreams and Dreamers Conclave” has been birthed in Lagos to inspire and empower mid-level career professionals between the ages of 25-35 to envision ambitious dreams, make bold moves, and achieve remarkable success in their chosen fields.

“Through mentoring, we are raising young professionals and entrepreneurs to think big, work smart, and position themselves as thought leaders and front liners in their respective fields, prepared to change the game in Nigeria’s economy,” Bright Ukwenga, CEO, Scribe Tribe Africa and convener of the Dreams and Dreamers Conclave, said in a statement.

Themed, ‘Big moves only’, Ukwenga disclosed that the initiative is geared towards helping young professionals forecast the next 10 years of their career and business. According to him, the event aims to cultivate a culture of audacious dreams and daring actions, drawing inspiration from accomplished mentors who have charted exceptional paths to success.

According to Ukwenga, the conclave scheduled for January 31, 2024, will create a supportive community of dreamers who motivate and guide each other toward achieving outstanding results.

He disclosed further that the objective of the conclave is to inspire attendees towards dreaming big and to envision themselves as future leaders, influencers, and transformers in their respective industries.

“We plan to provide a platform for accomplished mentors to share their experiences, challenges, and strategies for making bold moves in their careers. Facilitate networking and mentorship opportunities for mid-level professionals,” he said.

He disclosed further that the target audience are mid-level career professionals aged 25-35, with ambitious individuals seeking inspiration and guidance to achieve extraordinary goals. He said that the conclave is open to professionals from various industries and backgrounds.

Speaking further, Ukwenga said that the Dreams and Dreamers Conclave will feature keynote speeches by prominent mentors from diverse fields; panel discussions with mentors sharing their personal journeys and insights; informal interactions and roundtable discussions; networking sessions, and post-event mentorship opportunities to support attendees in pursuing their dreams.