• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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HTL Africa plans to deliver life-changing projects, promote sustainable city design


HTL Africa, an architectural design firm, is perfecting plans to spearhead more life-changing projects across the globe and advocate sustainable city design after a decade of showcasing innovation in design.

The architectural design firm, which marked 10 years of delivering historical architectural designs, also plans to repurpose historical sites creatively with a vision anchored on the belief that cities of tomorrow must honour the heritage of the past.

Speaking on the theme ‘Architecture at the Nexus of Tradition and Technology,’ at a private showcase in Lagos to advance the importance of adaptive reuse and tech-integrated solutions, James George, chief executive officer of HTL Africa, said there is a need to enhance and re-imagine urban spaces through adaptive reuse and sustainability considering the rapid population growth.

George said, HTL Africa is sculpting societies from forgotten structures like the 200-year-old church in Ghana by ensuring they endure for centuries more.

“HTL Africa is a visionary architectural firm at the forefront of reshaping landscapes worldwide. With a commitment to environmental impact and sustainability. It delivers transformative projects that address complex urban challenges while prioritising the changing needs of this period in history.

“Operating across two design labs in Africa and the Middle East, HTL Africa’s internationally represented team collaborates to deliver ground-breaking architectural interventions tailored to diverse environments,” he said.

Using Samsung’s immersive displays, the firm showcased its landmark projects across seven countries, including the architecturally paradoxical GTB building at Lawanson that stirs public intrigue and dialogue; the restoration of a 200-year-old Presbyterian Church in Ghana, and the in-progress Transcorp Hilton Event Centre, a valley warehouse transformed into a 5,000-seater venue.

Also speaking, Michael Nwughala, head of marketing at Samsung, said Samsung’s alliance with HTL Africa reflects a shared vision to integrate tech-driven solutions into the core of urban planning.

According to him, merging HTL Africa’s innovative design thinking with Samsung’s advanced technologies has helped both firms set a new benchmark for impactful and more sustainable urban spaces.

He said Samsung is a global leader in technology and innovation that specialises in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and enterprise solutions, and also offers an extensive portfolio of groundbreaking products across categories.

The showcase drew an audience of business leaders, product designers, industry stakeholders, and architecture students who were treated to a series of immersive presentations.

The programme, which is a deep dive into tackling sustainability issues through innovative architectural solutions in Africa, brought together the best minds to explore what happens when heritage meets high technology.