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How Nigeria can fix incessant power grid collapse – Ohwesi

How Nigeria can fix incessant power grid collapse – Ohwesi

A real-time remote monitoring and data acquisition (RRMDA) system is required to check and mitigate Nigeria’s incessant power grid collapse, Samuel Ohwesi has said.

Ohwesi, an expert in real-time remote monitoring and data, speaking to newsmen in Lagos, said RRMDA, was the lifeblood of modern electrical grid management.

Knowing very well that TCN has thousands of assets, RRMDA will provide grid operators with real-time insights into the status of the grid, including factors like voltage levels, power flows, and equipment health, he said.

According to him, with these data, operators can in real-time identify anomalies and respond swiftly to prevent cascading failures that could lead to a grid collapse.

Recall Nigeria was recently thrown into darkness after the national grid systems, operated by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) from Osogbo in Osun State collapsed.

The grid dropped to a meagre 273 megawatts of electricity coming from two out of the over 27 electricity generation. This comes barely a week after TCN, rolled out the drum to celebrate a questionable 400 days of grid stability.

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A number of electricity distribution companies had confirmed that as of 4:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 14, five generating plants were on the grid. Afam VI had 0.70MW, Dadinkowa was generating 0.00MW, Ibom Power had 32.90MW, Jebba had 240MW and Olorunsogo was on the grid with zero generation.

At about 1:00am midnight, the total power on the grid was 35MW, indicating that the country experienced a total collapse.

To check the frequent grid collapse and its consequences on the national economy, Ohwesi who is the CEO of uServe Wireless Solution Ltd, said timely information that empowers grid operators to make informed decisions, isolate faults, and reroute power, would help avert potential disasters.

He reiterated that RRMDA systems were the backbone of real-time data management in the electrical grid. These systems collect, process, and display critical information from various substations and grid components in real-time. He said uServe Wireless Solution Limited has been delivering this solution for over seven years and has positioned itself as a leader in delivering RRMDA solutions for grid management.

“Our cutting-edge technology offers several advantages, including scalability, non-disruptive, robust data security, remote accessibility, predictive analytics, and maintenance regime, Ohwesi said.