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How local brands can thrive in global market

How local brands can thrive in global market

For local brands to easily penetrate the global market, they will require effective packaging to promote impulse buying, defined as the instant purchase of goods that were not originally planned for, Adedeji Adesoye, author of Navigating Global Markets: Crafting the Perfect Package has said.

Adesoye, a seasoned product marketing expert and a recent recipient of the Global Recognition Awards, emphasised the necessity for business owners to understand product demand on account of the dynamic nature of global market trends.

“Tailoring packaging to resonate with the diverse preferences of consumers worldwide ensures products remain appealing on a global scale,” he said, adding that businesses venturing into international markets must also consider cultural influences.

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“Colours, it asserts, speak a universal language and savvy businesses leverage this by incorporating hues that transcend cultural boundaries.”

He maintained that a thoughtful understanding of the symbolism of colours ensures packaging universally appeals, establishing an immediate connection with consumers from various backgrounds.

Advising business owners to take note of foreign preferences, Adesoye said crafting a strong, recognizable brand identity that conveys quality transcends geographical borders, earning trust and loyalty from a global consumer base.

According to him, business owners should consider product integration into their daily lives when transacting in international markets.

He added, “As consumption habits evolve globally, packaging must seamlessly integrate products into the daily lives of consumers. Whether it’s a morning routine or a special occasion, packaging should enhance the product’s place in the lives of consumers.”

Product design should also be given premium attention in the international market, adding that optimising shape and labelling for international appeal is crucial.

He added, “Simplicity and universality in design ensure that products maintain their allure across diverse markets, while localization adds a touch of cultural relevance without diluting the global essence.”

He further stated that acknowledging and respecting diverse cultural preferences in packaging materials is key.

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In the study, he maintained that displaying essential product information in a way that caters to diverse consumer needs builds trust while embracing eco-friendly materials aligns with global environmental concerns.