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HisCharis launches in Nigeria to offer seamless immigration services to Canada

HisCharis Immigration and Citizenship Services, a Canadian Immigration consulting firm has launched services in Nigeria to provide seamless immigration services to Nigerians looking to migrate to Canada.

The firm which processes visas for study permits, visit visas, work visas and visa extensions also facilitate a fast application process to high schools, colleges, and universities with the help from its numerous school-board and university partnerships.

Speaking during the launch of HisCharis Immigration and Citizenship Services,

Angela Ogundele, CEO HisCharis said the firm offers immigration services for express entry, provincial nomination program and humanitarian applications by assessing applicants’ individual situations, and processing their applications based on their unique circumstances.

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Ogundele said HisCharis works with clients in attesting and affirming their documents as true before submitting their documents, adding that its licensed academic counselors work with students in choosing courses and programs that best suit their needs, passion and future goals.

She explained that the firm offers people a five-year strategic plan from when they come into Canada till when they get their permanent residency, helping and guiding them through the process.

“If you want to come into Canada, we need to know what you are coming to do and if you want to stay in Canada or go back to Nigeria. We need to have these information to know how best to meet your needs,” she said.

To avoid denial of applications, she said applicants must have good bank statements showing that the sum was built up over a period of time and should be gainfully employment in their home country and have good reasons for deciding to move to Canada.

She explained that people looking at coming into Canada can do this through different pathways which are express entry and provincial nomination program as the former demands that the applicant has an employer who is willing to employ him or her in Canada while for provincial nomination program, people do not need a job offer from an employer to come into the country.

Speaking on reasons why a study visa could be denied, she said: “Paying school fees alone is not enough reason to get visa. If you randomly throw N10 million into your bank account in one month, showing the amount has not been built over a period of time, it could lead to visa denial.

“Being gainfully employed also increases your chances of getting the visa. If people are denied visas, HisCharis works with immigration personnel who can help us with information on why a visa was denied. That is why at HisCharis, if we do not get complete documents from applicants, we will not submit their applications because a denied application will also rob off on our reputation,” Ogundele said.

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