• Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Hexing Nigeria unveils solutions to bridge metering gap, boosts green Energy

Hexing commits to reducing metering gap with technology

Hexing Nigeria, a subsidiary of the global energy management company, has unveiled a suite of solutions aimed at tackling the persistent metering gap and fostering the adoption of green energy sources.

Nigeria has long grappled with a significant metering gap, leading to estimated revenue losses for electricity distribution companies and hindering accurate billing for consumers.

Hexing Nigeria’s solutions leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

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This technology promises to improve data collection, reduce estimated billing, and combat electricity theft, ultimately ensuring fairer and more efficient energy distribution. The company with over 20 years of experience in Africa’s power industry and a presence in more than 90 countries, Hexing Group has successfully supplied and installed over 12 million smart devices

Timmy Shi, the Hexing-Livoltek Nigeria Representative, in her remark on the groundbreaking technologies and their impact on addressing Nigeria’s energy poverty and enhancing the renewable energy landscape, stated that Hexing Nigeria is proud to be at the forefront of deploying cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize the renewable energy sector.

She said, ” Our latest technologies help to tackle the problem of electricity, especially with the increment of tariff among BAND A users, using our solar products can reduce their dependence on the national grid. We are set up to support local Installers, Stores and people who are in the solar market space with installation, technological and marketing support. Ours is a brand that has been in this business for a long time, they can leverage on our good name and thrive in this business. We aim to build a robust ecosystem of skilled professionals who can effectively deploy and maintain our technologies, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.’’

“Our energy audit technology stands out for its real-time capabilities, using our data-logger machine, allowing solar installers to evaluate energy consumption without the need for manual assessments. This technology not only saves time and resources but also provides accurate data for optimizing energy usage, making it an invaluable tool for the renewable energy sector.

Shi explained that Hexing is also pioneering in the water treatment sector. Our smart water solutions include solar-powered water pumps, purification systems, and comprehensive water supply and metering systems. These products are designed to provide clean and safe water, addressing one of the critical needs in many Nigerian communities.

Simon Ye, the vice president of Hexing Group, on his part, disclosed that Hexing Nigeria will continue to enhance our technologies to combat line loss effectively.

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“Hexing’s IoT technology, integrated into most prepaid meters in Nigeria, is specifically designed to combat line loss. By enabling real-time monitoring and management of energy consumption, our IoT solutions detect and prevent unauthorized access and tampering, ensuring that energy distribution remains fair and efficient.

He said, “We are committed to providing accessible and affordable energy and clean water to the people of Africa. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes high-quality solar products, smart water systems, and innovative energy management technologies.”

“Our intelligent manufacturing process, quality control system, and commitment to using high-quality components from renowned international suppliers ensure the reliability and durability of its products,” Hexing Group VP said.