• Friday, April 12, 2024
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Here are 13 countries affected by internet outage and its severity 

Internet outage

Following reported failures in multiple subsea cables, the regions of West and Central Africa are experiencing a widespread internet blackout. Millions of users are anticipated to be affected by this outage, which is projected to extend for several weeks. The disruption will significantly impact businesses and disrupt the daily lives of citizens in the affected areas.

Businessday reported the rupture of multiple major undersea cables has caused internet connectivity disruptions in Nigeria and several West African nations. MTN Group and sources within MainOne disclosed this information on Wednesday. The outage is impacting banks and subscribers of various network operators in Nigeria, leading to internet downtime.

As a result of the sudden cable disruptions, numerous Nigerians found themselves stranded in restaurants and malls. Banks struggled with network downtime triggered by the cable cuts, exacerbating the situation for affected individuals.

According to  Netblocks, here are the severity levels of affected countries

Ivory Coast: Severe

Liberia: High

Benin: High

Ghana: High

Burkina Faso: High

Togo: Medium

Cameroon: Medium

Gabon: Medium

Namibia: Medium

Niger: Medium

Nigeria: Low

Lesotho: Low

South Africa: Low