• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Heatwave crisis: NiMet urges declaration of emergency in affected states

NiMet warns of meningitis, malaria outbreak from adverse weather

As scorching temperatures grip several states, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a warning, calling for the declaration of a state of emergency in areas severely impacted by the heatwave.

Vincent Weli, NiMet’s director of weather forecast services, expressed his concern on Channels Television’s “The Morning Brief” on Thursday, highlighting the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to the extreme heat.

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He emphasised the need for immediate action, suggesting a state of emergency could help mitigate the risks.

“I have noted before now that in those states that are affected, there’s a need for a state of emergency to be declared so that people can stay out of work within this period, especially when the sun is very high,” Weli stated.

“A state of emergency should be declared in those states,” he added. “Because that is where we are tending to and if a state of emergency is declared, then people should be excused from doing certain extreme activities that will make them sweat.”

The potential consequences of the heatwave are multifaceted, according to Weli. “High temperatures can negatively impact cognitive development, productivity, and concentration,” he warned.

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“And so, within this period of 12, 1, 2, 3 people should be excused from duty. People should not work under the sun within this period.

“And if they can come out in the morning and do whatever they need to do before 11, they are out, then they can also come between 4, 5, 6.