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GText Homes graduates 42 from own academy

In a bid to raise the bar for skilled manpower in the real estate job market, GText Homes Limited, one of the major players in the Nigerian real estate sector, has churned out 42 graduates from GText Home Academy, its training school.
The graduation, which took place recently at GText Homes head office in Lagos, had among the graduates a good number of young ladies who want to make a career in the real estate sector.

According to Stephen Akintola, CEO, GText Homes, who spoke through Farouq Usman, branch manager of the real estate company in Banana Island, Lagos, the graduands have been equipped with skills and capacity for employment in real estate business as well as to compete favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world.

“Our academy training is very practical; it is not book work. We aim at producing the best workforce for real estate business and also fill the gap created by our conventional university curriculum”, he said.

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Speaking on the global competitiveness of the academy certificates, Akintayo noted that quality assurance is a key factor in training students at the academy in order to make them relevant for employment anywhere in the world.

GText Homes Academy offers certificate courses in; business of real estate, personal and corporate leadership, exponential sales/marketing mastery and self-security awareness.

At a press conference held shortly before the graduation ceremony, heads of department of the company handling the academy coaching, including; Friday Ogedemgbe; security consultant; Jeremiah Jacob, head of Information Technology (IT), and Guest Manager and Esohe Ahior, head, Poise Finish School, Nigeria, were present to speak about what they doing in the academy.

According to Jacob, who leads the academy’s IT, coaching runs on a weekly basis where the students have access to a personal coach on a live session.

“The coach has an interactive session with the students who ask questions based on the live videos they have watched on the online session”, Jacob said.

“Most of our videos on the platform are categorised into different courses and per course you will be certified if you pass the examination.”

He further noted that GText Academy has what it takes to equip its students with the requisite skills to excel in real estate, adding that the academy is bridging the gap in skill deficit in the Nigerian labour market.

For Ogedemgbe, a security consultant, and head of Self-Security Awareness in the academy, the academy is looking for integrity and confidence in every student under its tutelage.

also noted that the academy gives the students self-collateral that would enable them to make easier sales in the real estate business, without looking for a third party.

In the online session, Ogedemgbe said the academy aims at producing people who want to be self-reliant.

“The academy teaches its students about etiquette and soft skills; it covers work ethics and professionalism. Students are taught how to portray themselves in a work environment; how to manage relationships with their superiors and colleagues”, Ogedemgbe said.

Esohe Achior of Poise Finish School, Nigeria, who handles work etiquette and ethics in the academy said, “We teach our students how to conduct themselves disciplinary, dress code, as well as communication skills to excel.”

The GText Academy is an online platform-, which allows interested persons to create an account with the academy and are able to access over one hundred videos to watch and be certified at the end of the training.

The training costs $1,000, though there is a $200 fee discount. The offer runs till July 19, 2021, when the new session kicks off.

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