• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Group to storm Abuja with ‘Nigeria must not die’ prayer programme


Godswill Keenam, pastor of the Calvary Global Prayer and Healing Centre, has said that his ministry was storming the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja for a programme with the theme: ‘Nigeria Must Not Die.’

Addressing journalists over the weekend in Port Harcourt, the convener of the programme, Keenam explained that the prayer network would be the first time in Abuja but the third edition in Nigeria.

Keenam said that the situation in the country called for individual and corporate prayers.

He further said that the theme came to him as a vision, hence his determination to embark on the project.

He urged other Nigerians, who are touched by the situation of the country to join hands to stem the tide of seeming hopelessness, forcing many citizens to leave the country in droves.

Keenam urged Nigerians not to lose hope but to focus on the positive side of life. He advised all citizens to turn away from their wicked ways.
“If we can turn away from our wicked ways, the Lord will heal our land and make Nigeria great again,” he said.

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On those specially expected at the Abuja programme, the cleric said that every Nigerian citizen was invited irrespective of religious affiliation.

He however, said that some of the guest ministers are from America, London and Nigeria. He listed some to include, Rev. Jerry Adamu Adamu, Rev. John Kome, and Pastor Sam and a host of others.

The programme, he said, was strategically fixed on the last day of September (30th), before the Nigerian Independence Day anniversary “to cleanse the land before the celebration, 2023.”

On the funding for the programme, he expressed concern that there was no one currently sponsoring the event, but that they have not written any letter to approach anybody for financial assistance.
“We are against begging people to support the work of God. But any person who comes to assist will be welcome,” he said.

Keenam told journalist that similar programme took place in America in 1776, when it was very difficult for them to survive and that they embarked on prayer and God intervened in their situation.

He alleged that Nigerians were passing through difficulty times because of the high level of wickedness, bloodbath, corruption, cheating, lack of transparency and accountability, fraud and witchcraft going on in society, perpetrated by both leaders and the led.

According to the man of God, one of our physical major need is unemployment and the government should provide the enabling environment for business to strive since they cannot employ everyone, as the Bible say “when the righteous rule the people rejoice.”