• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Group declares sitting of defected lawmakers illegal, warn of looming danger


A group, the Central Governing Council of Rivers Defense Alliance (RIVDAL), has warned of looming danger should the 27 defected lawmakers continue to sit to make laws. This is as Wike’s GDI group in Port Harcourt council have joined sim Fubara.

Saying the matter may explode soon, the group said in public memo that the laws of Nigeria were being breached.

The Central governing council of RIVDAL said they were bringing to bring to the notice of the Nigerian police, the judiciary and the international community about the lawmakers continued action which they said is a disobedience to the Nigerian constitution. They also said it is constituting public nuisance.

By the electoral laws in Nigeria, the group stated in a statement, the 27 former lawmakers seized to be valid members of the Rivers State House of Assembly (RSHA), the very moment they voluntarily defected from PDP to APC. “There is no resolution, political expediency nor any presidential fiat that can alter that law. Law is law and must be obeyed to the latter in a democratic setting such as we practice in Nigeria, no matter who is involved.

“We have observed with shock, dismay and sadness the illegal sitting and illegitimate meetings of the 27 former law breakers at illegal locations, unknown to the good people of Rivers State who elected them before their voluntary withdrawal from the assembly.

“We have also discovered a criminal and vexatious attempt to repeal, manipulate, destroy and tamper with existing laws and policies of Rivers State, by heavily using the media to publicize their illegality. We know that such actions are the singular initiative and ideas from their leader.”

They claimed that the target of those sitting is the governor of Rivers State, Similaye Fubara. “Their plan is to make dangerous laws and also repeal existing laws in other to gag and corner the governor who is not in the same party with them, as to submit to their whims and caprices, else, he will be impeached.

“The FCT minister has not dropped his idea of impeaching the governor of Rivers state. He believes he can bend the law and subvert the tents of our constitution to enable him carry out his sinister moves with a few highly placed persons at the presidential villa.”

The group informed the opposition that the law has taken its course. “There is no remedy. They have been unseated as a result of their defection from the PDP to the APC.

“The council does also remind them that whatever action, words, statement, memo, inquiry, or report that emanates from the 27 former law breakers is invalid, null and void.

“We also warn that their continued meeting and residing in any government facility is not only illegal, but also criminal. They should know as former law makers that they risk forceful ejection, arrest and prosecution for constituting public nuisance and illegal occupation of government quarters.”

The group called on the President, the Inspector general of Police, and the international community to call the FCT minister to order immediately. Wike has since described such groups as street noisemakers.

The group however went on: “We wish to inform the authorities that the peace and good governance we enjoy in Rivers State under the administration of Fubara is in danger. The action of the FCT minister and the 27 law that their actions are brewing danger, threat, anarchy, violence and impunity.

“We appeal that authorities should act immediately before the issues escalate to violent protest and riots by the courageous youths of Rivers State.”

The statement was signed by one David E. Oguzierem as the director-general, and Mina Eferebor-Jack as secretary-general.

Meanwhile, leaders, stakeholders, and members of the Port Harcourt local council chapter of the Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI) have declared support for Rivers State Governor, Fubara. The group was formed by Wike in 2012 to mobilise the local wards for his guber ambition. He has been sure of their support till he left office as governor.

Now, things seem to shake up as during their meeting on September 12, 2023, Coordinator Kinikanwo Amadi, expressed confidence in Gov Fubara’s capabilities, citing successful collaborative efforts during the election.

He said: “Despite distractions, GDI Phalga resolved to stand by the governor, recognizing his positive impact on Port Harcourt City Local Government and beyond”.

Charles Orlu, a pioneer stakeholder of GDI praised the group’s support for Governor Fubara, eulogising his simplicity and youth-friendly leadership style.