• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Greensprings introduces value-based education to prepare future-ready students

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Determined to prepare future-ready students, the management of Greensprings School, Lagos has announced the introduction of a new pedagogical approach to learning called Value Based Education (VbE) for the 2022/2023 school year.

According to the school, Value Based Education is an educational approach that promotes positive human values such as respect, compassion, empathy, and honesty in students.

Lai Koiki, chief executive officer of Greensprings School, said the rationale behind the introduction of this concept is to prepare its students for future uncertainties likely to come due to advancements in technology and climate crisis.

According to her, the future is uncertain, primarily because of the ever-changing and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and machine learning.

“This is in addition to the crisis that may result due to climate change, disease and conflict – and to be prepared for these uncertainties, students must develop vital skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and resilience,” she said.

Koiki said Greensprings School is committed to preparing students holistically to be future-ready.

She further said, the VbE will be included in the school’s curriculum so as to reinforce the moral values upheld in the school.

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To achieve this, she said, the school has also added coding in the curriculum for all students in Years 1-9 in addition to in-depth learning in music, creative writing and diction will be focus.

The Greensprings School boss said as part of the school’s future-readiness plan, its three main campuses and its special needs school, Anthos House, were designated as Centres of Excellence in different enterprises.

The Lekki campus was pronounced the Centre of Excellence in Sports; Anthony campus – Centre of Excellence for Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Ikoyi campus – Centre of Excellence for Design & Technology; and Anthos House – Centre of Excellence for Inclusion.

Greensprings School was established in 1985, and today, it is regarded as one of the leading schools in Nigeria.