• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Goldman Sachs donates $5000 to Tunde Onakoya’s fundraiser

Goldman Sachs donates $5000 to Tunde Onakoya’s world record fundraiser

Global investment bank, Goldman Sachs have donated $5000 to Tunde Onakoya’s fundraiser as he attempts to break the world record for a chess marathon.

Onakoya teamed up with US chess master Shawn Martinez in Times Square, New York to set a new world record of 58 hours which approaches a long awaited conclusion.

The current record stands at 56 hours and 9 minutes.

With his non-profit, Chess in Slums Africa and The Gift of Chess, Onakoya is using the world record attempt to fundraise $1 million to support undeprivileged children across African communities with access to basic education.

“Huge news.. We just received [$]5,000 from GoldmanSachs,” wrote The Gift of Chess on X.

With the donation, Onakoya has been able to raise over $62,000.

His chess games are live-streamed on Tittify and Twitch and have achieved over 500 concurrent viewers.

So far, he has gone over 180 games unbeaten.

During this time, the 29 year old chess master has received support from millions of Nigerians at home and in New York City who continue to cheer him on.

However, his world record time of 58 hours could see an extension to compensate for the permitted 5-minute breaks observed during the chess-a-thon every hour, and a location interruption that forced movement of his setup.