• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Global conflicts cripple Nigeria’s war on terror

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The Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, stated that international conflicts like Israeli-Hamas and Russian-Ukrainian are impeding Nigeria’s fight against insecurity.

The ongoing crises make it challenging for the military to acquire international weapons, as they heavily rely on imports. Musa also highlighted forex scarcity as a major hurdle to importing weapons.

Musa made this remark during his appearance on Channels Television on Tuesday morning.

Speaking on the timeline to eliminate terrorists in the north, he emphasised the need for collective effort, mentioning the difficulty in acquiring foreign equipment due to global conflicts.

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He said, “Sooner than later, it depends on what we do as a nation. If we work together as a team, every Nigerian should play his role in supporting the military and the federal government; I think we will succeed.

“A lot of the equipment we use, we don’t produce, we have to buy, and we buy it in hard currency. It is not even easy to buy; now that we have the Israeli-Hamas and the Ukrainian-Russian crises, all these ones are taking toes. To get the equipment is not easy.”

Musa advocated for developing local industries for weapon production to enhance the military’s effectiveness in addressing insecurity.