• Monday, April 15, 2024
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Freddy Hirsch Nigeria launches Bouillon seasoning for West Africa

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria launches Bouillon seasoning for West Africa

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a fast-growing African manufacturer of extracts for spices, ingredients, and flavours, has launched a new line of bouillon flavours in the West African market, focusing on the local quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry.

Bouillon is a versatile ingredient in African cuisine that improves the flavour of dishes like soups and stews. It is typically made up of salt, sugars, starches, vegetable fats, hydrolysed vegetable protein, herbs, and spices.

Speaking during the launch, Kojo Brifo, managing director, Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, said that the new seasoning would preserve truly African tastes. “Consumers are seeking the umami taste with the complexity of locally sourced, naturally sourced herbs and spices,” Brifo added.

“With the simple addition of bouillon flavours, available in powder form, the seasoning enhances the culinary experience by making it simple to create tasty meals,” he further explained.

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The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry and other retail food providers would benefit greatly from the bouillon flavours, according to Brifo. “Quick service restaurants and other retail food providers require different bouillon flavours that can be tailored to their unique preferences,” he said.

Additionally, the new seasonings were developed by the company’s Research and Development department in its culinary centre, which also concentrated on developing distinctive flavours that enhance regional flavour and add authenticity to food dishes.

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria also launched its product catalog, a print and digital document that aims to promote the company’s product offerings in seasonings (noodle, bouillon, rice), sauces (marinades and rubs, instant sauces), pizza, sausage roll fillings, premixes (pie and bakery) snack dustings, bakery premixes, texture systems, butchery applications, and breadings, among others.

It is a subsidiary of the Freddy Hirsch Group, a Cape Town-based supplier of industrial spices, casings, and meat processing equipment to thousands of customers worldwide. Freddy Hirsch Nigeria has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of savoury flavours and seasonings for the West African bouillon and noodle market.