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Foods that treat common diseases

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Hippocrates, the 5th Century Greek physician was the man who gave the piece of advice that: “May your food be your medicine and your medicine your food”. Ever since, several researches have shown that some common ailments could be treated with a combination of selected food items. Stated here therefore, are the Do-It-Yourself Tips for such food medication,

It is important to begin with proper food handling. The piece of advice is for us to go for nutritious, natural, organic food items instead of the fried, fatty ones that could be cancer-causing, or carcinogenic and even others that worsen obesity, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and others that could be harmful to the delicate organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.

So, it is a healthier practice to boil the eggs, meat, fish, yam, bananas and plantains instead of frying them so as to benefit from their rich nutrients.

In this wise, the FOOD ITEMS THAT BOOST BLOOD CELL PRODUCTION are organ meat such as liver and kidney. Others include egg yolk, beans, legumes, dry nuts and dark green, leafy vegetables. Also, folate-rich foods such as dark-green vegetables, wheat, rice, nuts and grapes produce and maintain new blood cells. One is advised to take sugar cane because its juice contains most essential minerals. Beet roots are also recommended because they contain several minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, iodine, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B6. To boost blood supply, splash plain cold water over closed eyes. Take soya beans, fish and eggs.

DIET THAT CLEANSE THE BLOOD VESSELS: Garlic combined with onion is a natural antibiotic, effective blood cleanser, reduces HBP and cholesterol, antifungal and aphrodisiac. TO REDUCE HIGH BLOOD CHOLESTEROL, choose chicken or fish over red meat.

FOODS THAT PROTECT THE LIVER: It is important to know that the liver assists to break down carbohydrates to glucose, the simple sugar which the body uses for energy. The liver also helps severally in detoxifying the body and its health could prevent Type-2diabetes. Therefore, it needs to be protected at all times. Amongst the protective foods and drinks are coffee, green tea, oatmeal, garlic, banana, watermelon, avocado and grapes. Now you know why fruits are useful to your overall health. Don’t ever say that fruits are costly!

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Against CONSTIPATION: Drink cashew leaf tea. Generally, high-fibre foods that are not digested always stay in the gut (stomach and intestine) and add to the bulk and softness of the stool. Diets recommended to take care of this include, (a) whole-wheat bread, (b) biscuits, (c) breakfast cereals such as Quaker Oats, corn flakes, as well as (d) five portions of fruits and vegetables, each day. One portion of fruit is one large apple, grape, pear, banana, orange, pawpaw or a large slice of watermelon.

To treat INDIGESTION consume freshly prepared hot food. Avoid taking too much sugar as it interrupts with the absorption of proteins and other nutrients. It causes malnutrition which may interfere with brain development.

Eating too many types of food in a single meal such as the combination of dairy (milk) products and citrus (oranges) could cause indigestion. Drink lemon juice mixed with warm water,2-3 times a day. Consume foods rich in fibre such as carrots to remove bowel toxins. Avoid depression which could trigger food cravings, especially for sweets and starches which give the brain a temporary boost only.

To treat ITCHING rub coconut oil on the affected area. For that of TOOTH ACHE, use a spoonful of crushed onion. AGAINST MIGRANE: Grind fresh, ripe grapes and drink without adding any water. When it comes to treating COUGH AND HEAD ACHE: Add juice of three slices of lemon to a cup of tea for fast relief. Also, inhale steam to reduce the intensity of the pains. Relax. Breath deep which releases endorphins into the body.

When it comes to CLEAR THE THROAT, drink raw egg in a gulp. As for SORE THROAT it is caused by bacterial infection from contaminated food or old tooth brush. FOODS that HEAL sore throat include a mixture of honey, garlic, ginger and lemon. Some effective food items are macaroni and cheese, milk, mashed potato, warm oatmeal, grape, chicken soup and banana because it is non-acidic and soft. Also try adding a pinch of salt in warm water and gargle it in the morning. Have you bought a new toothbrush lately? If not, do so now!

Gargling provides immediate relief. Pour four teaspoons of salt in a litre of warm water. Avoid spicy, fried and sour foods. To cure BRONCHITIS, fast on orange juice and water for some four to six hours. One teaspoonful of ginger mixed with honey taken thrice a day is also effective.

While WHOOPING COUGH is treated by taking a mixture of honey and ginger, HICCUPS could be cured by taking a spoonful of peanut butter. To cure FLU/COLD, mix equal amounts of honey and onion juice and take 3 to 4 tea spoons once a day. Drink lots of warm fluids, especially water and orange juice to replenish fluids lost by your body from fever. Avoid hot coffee or tea. Take green tea and soup to dilute mucus and relieve symptoms of throat obstruction.

AGAINST BACK ACHE one should consume honey or glucose in warm water every morning. Also, the juice of one lemon mixed with common salt taken twice daily offers relief. If it is chronic back pain, keep yourself warm; eat hot food items and add garlic to your diet. Apply ice or a cold pack, 10-15 minutes every hour. Cold limits swelling, reducing pain and speeds healing.

TO CONQUER COLD: Boil between 5-10 slices of ginger in plain water for 5 minutes. Add a cube of sugar and drink for instant relief. TO SOLVE BAD BREATH, use a mixture of a pinch of pepper powder and common salt. Green tea destroys the bacteria and viruses that cause dental diseases. It slows their growth.

AGAINST ASTHMA: Mix small quantity of pepper powder with honey and ginger juice. Take this mixture at least 3 times a day. Or, boil one teaspoon of pure honey with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, half a cup of milk and some garlic. Drink this mixture every day.

You can also drink a mixture of two parts of carrot juice and one part of spinach juice. Drink this thrice a day for relief. Recommended forms of exercise include swimming, cycling, canoeing, fishing, sailing and walking. To cure ASTHMA, boil one teaspoon of honey, with one teaspoon of olive oil, half a cup of milk and add some garlic. Drink this mixture every day.

To treat BURNING URINATION, drink coconut water as it flushes out small particles of dissolved stones. Against BLADDER INFECTION, boil 3 onions in 5 cups of water for 20 minutes. Drink 2 cups, by sipping 3-4 times each time.

But to treat MEASLES, drink 2 glasses of orange juice every day. It provides the required energy and cure. And finally, TO RELIEVE ANXIETY AND STRESS, relax and breathe deeply to release endorphins into the body.