• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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First assessment for Tinubu’s ministers scheduled for January, says presidential aide

In January, the Federal Government will initiate quarterly evaluations of the 48 ministers, coinciding with the allocation of the 2024 fiscal year budget to their ministries.

Hadiza Usman, the Special Adviser to the President on Policy Coordination, clarified that these assessments will involve reviewing the annual scorecard during periodic retreats, focusing on performance relative to key performance indicators.

“During a TVC television interview on Tuesday, Usman expressed, “We’re looking to commence an assessment of the respective ministries in January 2024. We’re going to have a quarterly assessment of performance, which would culminate into an annual scorecard.”

Prior to that, the presidential aide mentioned that the members of the Federal Executive Council will engage in a retreat in early November to establish the key performance indicators and have the ministers commit to a performance agreement.

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“We will be holding a cabinet retreat in the first week of November, during which the remaining specifics will be discussed with the full cabinet in the presence of Mr. President.

“At the end of it, we’re going to culminate with the performance bond. They’ll be signed by each ministry, every minister, and the Permanent Secretary will sign a performance board with Mr. President,” she explained.

The performance bond will outline the objectives that each ministry aims to accomplish during the 2024 budget cycle.

Usman emphasised, “That performance bond is what we’re going to use to track the performance of that minister.”
She highlighted that the Federal Government’s focus is on engaging citizens to include them in the evaluation process.

Usman made a reference to the EYEMARK app introduced by former President Muhammadu Buhari for tracking project performance in December last year.

“We’re going to deploy an application, a software, where citizens are able to report back on project-based deliverables that the federal government has committed to doing within the period to 2024.”

While she didn’t specify the exact details of the deliverables for each ministry, the former Managing Director of the Nigeria Ports Authority confirmed that these deliverables must be in line with the budget provisions for 2024.

In explaining the process, she stated, “We sat with the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. We have worked effectively to define exactly the deliverables for each ministry.

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“And those deliverables are also deliverables that I mentioned cascade to the agencies of government. So, for example, you have the sectoral deliverables for a sector in health, and everything that is contained within the value chain or the ecosystem within that sector will be contained within the deliverables.

“Those deliverables are translated into key performance indicators for the respective ministries. And once you have your key performance indicators, you’re able to clearly understand what your deliverables are over the period of the four years of the administration.”

The presidential aide added that her office has initiated discussions with each ministry to finalise details.

She explained, “We had bilateral sessions with all the ministries. In Nigeria as of today, we had each ministry take ownership of their respective deliverables, which we were able to synthesise across our Presidential Advisory Council reports. We were able to take from the national development plan document and also the renewed hope manifesto we came up with.

“Deliverables for each ministry will define the key performance indicators. In furtherance to that, we’ve also ensured that the provision for the upcoming 2024 budget is in coherence with what has been defined as your deliverables.

‘’So, each ministry has been mandated to ensure that their deliverables are aligned with their budgetary provisions that they will be submitting, which will be furthered by Mr. President, National Assembly.”