• Monday, July 22, 2024
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Firm unveils home grown ready-to-wear African fashion brand

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The Wardrobe, a Nigerian fashion brand has unveiled an iconic African-centric fashion brand ‘Ade~ Fashioned to-Fit’ along side a newly developed standard body measurements chart for the African body shape, known as Afric Size Chart.

The Afric sizes have been developed into three categories, known as Afric Size Regular, Afric Size Plus, and Afric Size Minus, to solve the challenge faced by most African fashion enthusiasts with finding Africa fit sizes in ready-to-wear garments.

“As a fashion business with many years of practice and a truly African business, The Wardrobe has taken the responsibility of creating a home-grown fashion identity that defines our African true figure, fashion tastes, values, and needs,” said Adetowun Awofeso, managing director, The Wordrode Ultimate Concept Limited, at the official launch of the brand in Lagos.

According to Awofeso, the company has taken keen notice of the problem faced by many Africans, especially Nigerians when it comes to foreign ready-to-wear which often does not take into consideration Africa unique sizes and shapes, hence the need to bridge the gap with the African-centric brand ‘Ade’ that eliminates the size problem with a perfect fit standard African body size measurement charts.

Awofeso state further that ‘Ade’ is a home-grown fashion brand that seeks to clothe Nigerians and Africans in general, both at home and in the diasporas with high-quality Ready-to-Wear outfits that meet their tastes, African shape, and values. “This gives them their true African identity and pride,” she said.

Awofeso also posits that the Covid-19 lockdown had helped to expose Africans and the over-dependence on everything foreign, and revealed the almost loss of identity as Africans.

She said that having identified this problem of near loss of identity amongst Africans, there came the urgent need for ‘Ade’ as a brand to evolve and attempt to redeem the true African identity.

“One major area of the over-dependence on foreign products is in the fashion industry. Ironically, most fashion products made in Europe or Asia, especially Ready-to-Wear garments, are produced for their figure, taste type, and values and not for Africans,” said Awofeso.

This spurs the need for adjustments on ready-to-wear garments bought outside the country. Hence, ‘Ade’ as a brand is birthed to take full responsibility for creating a home-grown fashion identity that defines the true African figures, fashion tastes, values, and needs.

Akinwande Ademosu, the managing director, Credit Direct, said that the brand being home grown has rendered a unique blend of fine detail and superior fabric quality. According to him, the brand presents a clasic example of buying Nigerian made product to grow local businesses.

“I believe so much in what she has done. She believes in the vision and spirit of Nigeria as it relates to our generation. Our clothing products at Credit Direct are made by this brand. We have made products from US and the UK before; but for once we have a brand that is ours,” said Ademosu.

According to him, Nigeria needs more localised brand that can relate directly with market demand. “The chart is revolutionary, which could have been gathered over the years and is condensed to make meaning for the African market,” Ademosu said.