• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Firm targets investment in tourism to scale revenue


A Nigerian real estate value-investment firm, Adesina Adedeji John Realty aims to increase revenue from African tourism through investing in a pan-African resort in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to Opeyemi Adesina, the co-founder and CEO, the investment worth N30billion will be the world’s first true pan-African experience resort.

“The resort, named ‘Chanzo’ (meaning source in Swahili) will offer tourists the opportunity to tour all the iconic cultural and scenic landmarks across the 54 African countries in one destination,” Adesina said.

“It strives to make African tourism easier and cheaper by helping tourists decide which country appeals most to them to visit, bringing African Tourism in close competition with Dubai and France; in traffic and revenue,” he said.

According to Ogundeji Israel, the project manager, “Similar to the way people visit Disneyland theme parks to relive the scenes from their favourite blockbusters; Adesina Adedeji John seeks to make it possible for tourists to have the exact experience of all represented countries in the resort.”

“It will be built in the exact shape of the African map, with all countries represented as they are on the map, tourists will be able to take realistic pictures and videos as well as shop for their favourite African pieces.

“We are partnering with reputable financial, tourism, construction, and virtual technology firms to achieve this. We are also working on collaborations with Ministries of art, culture, and tourism of all African Countries for an effective representation.”

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The project will also feature an auditorium for workshops and live events, a world-class plaza for African products and services, as well as a signature afro-contemporary resort estate. It is proposed on 30 hectares of land that will further stamp Nigeria as the true giant of Africa, shouldering other African countries to their rightful position on the global scene.

In order to meet the 3-year construction timeline kicking off by July 2023, Adesina said that the company was working on a 60percent financing as well as private equity investment from interested investors.

Samuel John, chief creative officer, said: “As a real estate investment firm, we advise investors to take advantage of the available limited plots and units for sale very early, because the value will increase as development progresses.”