• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Fiancée of cop who died at engagement party reveals she’s pregnant

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The British police officer who died in a freak accident at his engagement party in Australia was going to be a father, his fiancée has revealed.
Liam Trimmer, 29, and Lilly Watts were celebrating their upcoming marriage at their home in Fremantle over the weekend, when Mr Trimmer fell and cut a major artery in his neck.
Now, it has come out that the couple had told their guests Ms Watts is 14 weeks pregnant.
On Wednesday, she told Daily Mail Australia that Mr Trimmer was “truly excited to be a dad”.
She said: “I have never known a love like Liam’s and this heartbreak and emptiness is just so overwhelming.

“He will always be the love of my life and our baby will know the wonderful man he was.”
It comes as one of her old friends started a fundraiser to support Ms Watts, whose “world was shattered by a freak accident”.

She wrote: “The evening was meant to be a joyous celebration of Lilly and Liam’s recent engagement and announcing their pregnancy, a huge milestone in their journey together.
“Friends and family gathered to share in their happiness. In a cruel twist of events, Liam’s life was cut short leaving behind a void that can never be filled.”

Mr Trimmer died despite being surrounded by nurses and police officers who tried to save him.
The Briton moved to Australia as a teenager in 2013, where he featured in the BBC’s TV show Wanted Down Under giving advice to youngsters planning to migrate themselves.
Police Commissioner Col Blanch said: “Everything was done to try and save him, but it wasn’t to be and I know everyone that was involved is really, really hurting at the moment. I think they wish they could just wake up from this nightmare.
This extraordinary officer loved helping the community and was a fine example of WA policing and it’s just such a tragedy.

“(He was) a very, very confident, capable young man with his whole life ahead of him, and that’s how sad this is. It’s important now for us to wrap around each other, to lean on each other.”
The circumstances of Mr Trimmer’s death will be investigated at an inquest.
A coroner is expected to make a statement on Mr Trimmer’s death in the coming days.