• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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FG urged to boost tourism investments to drive economic growth

FG urged to boost tourism investments to drive economic growth

Zaleeha Sami, founder of Bilahid Vacations, has called on the Nigerian government and stakeholders to invest more in the tourism industry, citing its vast potential to boost the country’s gross domestic product.

Sami made this assertion during the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in the United Arab Emirates, where she represented the country’s tourism sector. The event brought together delegates from various countries and industries worldwide, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and investment opportunities.

“Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of natural and cultural resources that can be leveraged to generate significant revenue in the tourism industry,” Sami emphasized.

“By investing in tourism infrastructure, marketing, and capacity building, Nigeria can unlock its full potential and become a top tourist destination in Africa.”

At the AIM, Bilahid Vacations showcased Nigeria as a prime tourist destination and highlighted investment opportunities in the sector. Sami’s participation at the event provided valuable insights into global best practices and success stories in tourism development, which she believes can be replicated in Nigeria.

“We must harness our tourism potential to drive economic growth, create jobs, and promote cultural exchange,” Sami urged.

“I call on the government, private sector, and stakeholders to join hands in developing Nigeria’s tourism industry and unlocking its vast economic benefits.”