• Monday, May 20, 2024
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FAAN bans ‘Ghana Must Go’ travel sacks at Nigerian Airports

FAAN bans ‘Ghana Must Go’ travel sacks at Nigerian Airports

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has instituted a ban on the use of travel sacks, colloquially known as ‘Ghana Must Go,’ by passengers at all airports across the nation.

A circular issued by FAAN titled ‘Re: Prohibition of Usage Of Ghana Must Go,’ dated November 24 and signed by Henok Gizachew, the Manager of Airport Services, outlines the prohibition, specifically targeting passengers traveling through the country’s international airports.

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Gizachew explained that the authority decided to enforce the ban due to the significant financial losses incurred by airlines and the detrimental impact on the airports’ conveyor belt system caused by the use of these sacks.

Passengers who intend to utilize ‘Ghana Must Go’ for their travels are now required to have their belongings well-packaged in cartons or hardcovers of a rectangular size, as stated by Gizachew in the circular.

This move by FAAN aims to mitigate the adverse effects associated with the usage of these traditional travel sacks while ensuring a smoother and more efficient airport operation.